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Search results

  1. linda.wald

    Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

    With a tip of the hat and a hearty thanks to Gemandpearlover! I have several projects going. First off is a tanzanite and diamond endless strand. The diamonds were too small for the beader's secret fine and the 10# power pro, so I used #0 silk. Even so, I broke it accidentally 3 times while I...
  2. linda.wald

    New colorful Tahitians!

    These are from the Pearl House, on Etsy: They are approx 10-12mm. Hopefully neck shots tomorrow when I am not wearing an old t-shirt.
  3. linda.wald

    pearls and amethysts, and a bonus

    First, some freshwater potato chip pearls, and amethysts: Some freshwater coin pearls, also with amethysts: And finally, not pearls, but silverlite (whatever that is; I've gotten contradictory information on it) but I think it lovely: I have been very lazy about posting -- I finished these at...
  4. linda.wald

    pearls and sapphires

    This is a bit of an experiment, but I used some not super expensive south seas pearls, some itty bitty sapphire beads, and a nice clasp with sapphires. The clasp probably deserves better pearls, but I wanted to play around. The pearls are about 8mm and the beads 2.5mm. Do you think the idea works?
  5. linda.wald

    my goldens from the ruckus, finally

    I finally strung my goldens that I got at the ruckus. The stones are Oregon sunstone: The dress is made from a Japanese fabric with gold flecks: And a close-up: I feel like a princess wearing them!
  6. linda.wald

    need help with double strand

    With much trepidation, I am starting on a double strand project. I know the curve is a catenary, but that is messy to work with. Can I just use a parabola, or is that too far off? Does anyone have any rules of thumb or suggestions? Thanks, Linda
  7. linda.wald

    lightning bolt pearl

    I found this at a local antique fair/flea market and I wanted to share it. I call it the lightning bolt pearl. It's about 5 cm long, not including the bail.
  8. linda.wald

    small project

    I have been admiring people's wire wrap tahitian keshi bracelets, so I decided to make one for myself. The center pearl is from the Pearl House (blue mix) and the keshi from Druzy Design. When I ordered the center pearl I also ordered 2 for earrings: . Thank you for the inspiration!
  9. linda.wald

    I am a convert

    I just strung my first project using beader's secret. That's it. I'm converted. I still have to work carefully on each knot, but when i get it it is right. Even when a knot is not quite perfect, it is still good. Thank you, everyone, and Pattye in particular!
  10. linda.wald

    Finally finished; my gssp necklace

    I finally finished the necklace. The pearls are from Pearlescence. There are some problem parts, but on the whole it seemed to come out well, except that I fine it a little short (17.5"). If I restrung it with gold beads for spacers, would that make the pearls look washed out in comparison? The...
  11. linda.wald

    clasps -- I mean pearls -- from ebay

    I got these on ebay, basically for the clasp. I would like to find out what the pearls are. The pearls came in the box pictured, but since I bought them from a seller that does estate sales, I have no idea if the pearls originally came in that box. At some point the thread broke where the pearls...
  12. linda.wald

    Video in Pearls as One and the grain of sand myth

    I have some comments on the video at the beginning of the Pearls as One course. Please note, I do NOT believe the grain of sand myth for natural pearl formation. The video is supposed to discredit the 'grain of sand' myth in forming a natural pearl but it looks to me as if it is supporting it...
  13. linda.wald

    need help with new project

    I had a strand of baroque akoyas that were badly in need of cleaning and restringing. I cleaned them, and cut apart the pearls. Unfortunately for 3 of the pearls I couldn't get the thread out of them. Two have thread I can grab, but it seems stuck. Maybe one of the knots got inside? i have tried...
  14. linda.wald


    I finally finished my octobabies. Sheri helped me find the pearls on Etsy (at Wen's Pearls) so the match is very good. I made 2 attempts before getting one that I thought was worth continuing. The size of cord makes a big difference. I definitely need more practice, but I wanted these to...
  15. linda.wald

    Mikimotos on Ebay

    After checking the return policy, I decided to take a chance and bought these Mikimotos on ebay: I took them in to the Mikimoto store for verification and restringing. They told me they really were Mikimotos (whew). While I was there I tried on these beauties: I really like the alternating...
  16. linda.wald

    pearl ring

    I got this a long time ago at a gem show, and the seller thought it is natural. It feels gritty to the tooth, and has what looks like a rough patch on the back. It is about 13 x 10 cm at the widest parts. What do you think?
  17. linda.wald

    help me decide

    I got 2 strands of white or light colored tahitians, and I think they are similar enough that I will only keep one of them. If I keep both, I will have a favorite, and the other one won't get worn. I know which one I like better looking at them in the box, but I can't decide which one looks...
  18. linda.wald

    tahitian or not?

    I bought this recently. The seller said they were tahitian, but I'm not sure. They are very small, 5-6mm. Any ideas? Thanks!
  19. linda.wald

    a long strand that I got at a gem and jewelry show

    Hello, I got this long strand at a gem and jewelry show. The vendor said they were "ocean pearls". They pass the tooth test. The clasp is unmarked. They are about 6-9 mm. What do youall think? Thanks, Linda
  20. linda.wald

    baroque pearls that I bought long ago

    Hello, This is the first strand of pearls that I got, at least 25 years ago at a gem and jewelry show. They are roughly 5mm across. The clasp is 14k yellow gold. I am now learning about things like overtones, and I would love some comments that would help me sort them out. Thank you.