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Search results

  1. lmgarden

    My first knotting project - taught by a master!

    I recently return from 2 weeks in Portland Oregon. While I was there our own dear Pattye agreed to teach me how to knot! After a couple meetings at her lovely home, AND a couple yummy lunches we played with pearls!! I practiced and became familiar with materials and tools, but decided to work...
  2. lmgarden

    Three new Tahitian baubles

    Last April, while celebrating Newberry's birthday at PP I found 2 stunning gem quality Tahitian pearls (not to mention a few other finds, but that's for another thread!). At first I thought I'd make them into studs - I rather liked the idea of 2 different colors for each ear. The slight...
  3. lmgarden

    Deep Purple Edison and Coin Pearls!

    Last week I stopped by PP to set a pearl I bought at the last Ruckus. To my great surprise I saw a bunch of the most amazing "purpleness" sitting on the table as I walked in! Soon to be available, ladies!! IRL the deep blue purple pearls are mesmerizing. Jeremy Is about to post a few choice...
  4. lmgarden

    White Tahitians!!

    Last week I picked up my new triple A Tahitian rope. Its very slightly silver/blue, but reads very white when worn alone. When worn with blue akoyas both necklaces morph into almost the same color. The blue akoyas look more silver/white, while the white Tahitians look more silver/blue...
  5. lmgarden

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Yesterday I wore my holy grail ripple strand with a fireball pendant from PP, and a pink metallic rope from the last Black Friday sale. This strand changes color with the slightest change in light and position. I I got a bit carried away with so many photos! The last photo is facing direct...
  6. lmgarden

    Effortless chic

    I couldn't resist posting this picture of an uber-chic & ageless Italian business woman commuting with her bike, all while wearing heels and pearls. I LOVE, LOVE this picture for so many reasons... Fabulous!!
  7. lmgarden

    Natural Pearl necklace

    Just picked up this necklace Friday during our PP getaway! My intent was to graduate the pearl sizes. Starting with larger pearls at the bottom and both sides, then using the smaller pearls between the bottom to meet the larger pearls at both sides, and then smaller up to the clasp. I added 6...
  8. lmgarden

    Seed Pearl shortener clip

    So I was at BellaFindings yesterday looking for roundels for a project, and I came across this nifty little shortener! Some of you may have seen this type of shortener before - this was the first time for me. I've only seen double round metal types that fit between the pearls. At first I...
  9. lmgarden

    Fiji Pearls

    I think I need to start a separate thread for Fiji Pearls! I know a few members have new treasures in the works. Red, I'm looking at you! And I have another one or two coming soon. Here is just the beginning!!
  10. lmgarden

    New Pastel Tahitian Rope

    Yesterday I picked up this new rope that PP strung for me! I bought these beautiful loose 9-10mm (mostly larger) pearls from Jacques hoping I'd find the time to learn how to knot... Well, that didn't happen! For my first project I should have been a little less ambitious. While at the Ruckus...
  11. lmgarden

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    BW, you look like a 'cool' 1950's lady! I don't think anybody back then had anything resembling your beautiful little h pendant!!
  12. lmgarden

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    MSC, I always love seeing your pipi and gss necklace! Today wearing metallic drops with chrome diopside studs. Was a curly hair day, tried to key it out of the pics!
  13. lmgarden

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Very pretty earrings! Today was very simple - soufflé with a delicate gemstone necklace. I first attached the pearl to the necklace clasp - then I switched to an enhancer.
  14. lmgarden

    American Freshwater River Pearl

    A couple weeks ago i came across a tv shopping network showcasing Pearl jewelry. I was hesitant to watch, let alone buy, but after all it was all about pearls! This 14k yg ring was intriguing because it's an American freshwater pearl, farmed in Tennessee. The farm has since closed due to...
  15. lmgarden

    Platinum Mabe Pearl ring

    My mother recently gave me this ring. My dad gave it to her years ago, but she thought it was too big and rarely wore it. I'm not sure how often I'll wear it - it's a little 'granny' style, and is a bit large for me, as well. Comparatively, I don't think mobe pearls are very sought after...
  16. lmgarden

    136" baroque akoya rope

    My father bought this rope for my mother in the 70's shortly after they were married. He purchased it from an older woman who was a flapper in the 20's. I have no documentation, but my mother vividly remembers her - quite a character. My mother wore it a handful of times, but she was unsure...
  17. lmgarden

    How do I set my new BSS pearl??

    Hello everybody! I'm new to pearl guide - I've been lurking foe a couple months, but what an educational couple months! I appreciate any help... Recently I purchased a 16-17 mm BSS pearl from POJ. The images showed a very randomly shaped pearl. Once received a "heart" shape appeared! I'd like...