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Search results

  1. hbyrne

    Freshwater Pearls found in French River...

    Thank you, i did first assume they were CFWP from a broken necklace... and then learned they weren't drilled and it caught my interest enough to post here. But you're right...too many same size and shape to be anything else.
  2. hbyrne

    Freshwater Pearls found in French River...

    Thank you Pearl Dreams! I certainly thought it was a curious find, especially as they're all roughly the same size... 'wishing pearls' they could well be...
  3. hbyrne

    Freshwater Pearls found in French River...

    Hello there Pearl People! I've been away from the forum for quite a while but I thought I'd share a find which a friend of mine made in a French river... they are undrilled and had collected against the riverbank. I've not seen them other than in this photo but considered this perhaps a rare...
  4. hbyrne

    Help with Vintage Pearl Ring

    Hello there fellow Pearlers! I've a new vintage find which has some curious features and is beyond my knowledge of Pearls, so I'm wondering if any of you clever peeps can tell anything from these pics? The Pearls are rather bulbous in their setting and the two end ones are pear shaped with...
  5. hbyrne

    Species Certification

    Hello there Pearlfriends! This may well have been asked a few times before, but does anyone know which of the labs now show species ID on their certificates? I was assuming the Swiss lab did, but apparently not now..... Thank you in anticipation.
  6. hbyrne

    The Elusive Scottish Pearl

    Hello Pearllovers! I've not posted in quite a while, but thought to share my latest find. From a seller who was directed to the shop as 'the lady over the alley likes Pearls', this unassuming little Victorian three Pearl ring. The seller was Scottish and said it was her G-Grandmother's and her...
  7. hbyrne

    Strangely beautiful old non-nacreous pearl.

    It's been a while since I've posted, but I think the mystery is solved... and it does have an aquatic origin. Whilst visiting the jewellery collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, I spied this old amulet which bears a remarkable resemblance to my pendant. It's a dolphin bone...
  8. hbyrne

    Have I finally found my natural seed pearls ?

    Antique natural pearls is my main area of interest, and after reading this thread I've been trying to analyse my approach to identification. Pre-PG, my approach (commonsense I thought) was that in the same way as house, furniture, art etc survives from previous eras, so does jewellery and...
  9. hbyrne

    Opalised Pearls!!

    I love pearls, I love opals, these would make me a fab pair of 'odd-earrings'!! What d'you think?! http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-02-06/opalised-pearls-found-coober-pedy-south-australia/7145890
  10. hbyrne

    Gorgeous golds....

    Hello Pearlfans, I've been meaning to post some photos of this sumptuous necklace for some time now, and as it's been a sunny day I think the pics I've taken show the colours fairly well. I've no knowledge as to their origin other than that it's old, maybe circa 1920's, the neck is 18", and...
  11. hbyrne

    Mikimoto clasp...guesses as to age anyone?

    Hello there! Is it possible that anyone could help date a Miki clasp? Hopefully they are genuine? I bought these pretties recently and am curious as to their age. They're an unusual, but very nice 23 inches finished length, 5.5mm. I'd be muchly grateful for any comments...
  12. hbyrne

    River or Sea?

    I've a new pretty to ponder over, and wondered if anyone could say what their hunch is with the Pearl? It is perhaps a bit worn and has low lustre, but I love it's gentle bouton shape. It's an antique ring, probably made around a hundred years ago. Nice old hand-cut Diamonds. I haven't had it...
  13. hbyrne

    Vintage yellow cultured pearls

    Hello there! I have a new find...some pretty graduated cultureds. They go from 6-9mm and are markedly yellow in tone. I'm thinking they're 1950's maybe, and wondering, as I've seen others similarly coloured and this age, was this a popular colour for pearls at the time, or an indication of the...
  14. hbyrne

    Strangely beautiful old non-nacreous pearl.

    Well, today I showed said specimen to our jeweller (a man with 40 plus years of experience in the trade), and he said, nope, not a pearl but a piece of cave stalactite (calcite/ aragonite). They do look quite similar.....I'm slightly embarrassed, but it has added to the knowledge bank...thank...
  15. hbyrne

    Strangely beautiful old non-nacreous pearl.

    Thank you Pattye and Marianne, Hmmm...I hadn't thought that it could be something other than a pearl. Thank you for your thoughts. The flat base and sides have been filed to shape I think. I've taken a pic of it sat atop my torch.
  16. hbyrne

    Strangely beautiful old non-nacreous pearl.

    Hello Pearlfriends! I've got a curious new find... What I think I have here is a non-nacreous pearl. What this pearl resembles most closely is a lump of dried candle wax, or a very small petrified ghost, but I'm pretty sure some of you knowledgeable peeps here will be able to tell me what this...
  17. hbyrne

    Mystery bouton Pearl

    I'm wondering if I can pick your brains on this 5mm bouton-shaped pearl which was in with a box of loose antique pearls I bought some time ago? It should have some age to it as all the rest were Georgian/Victorian vintage. Dependent on what it is, it may be perfect to sit in the centre of an...
  18. hbyrne

    Article on the pearl industry in Arabia

  19. hbyrne

    Scottish Tay Pearl locket on Ebay

    This rare and lovely pearl is too good not to share..can't seem to put the link in, but anybody interested should be able to find it by searching for Tay Pearl