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Search results

  1. cyndayco

    Guo Pei's pearl bridal gown

    Since I last posted in the forum, I've moved to Singapore, where I got to see the bridal couture exhibit of Chinese designer Guo Pei. Her wedding ensembles must be seen to be believed, and even more incredible is that some brides in China managed to walk down the aisle in Pei's gowns that...
  2. cyndayco

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    SoC mabe pearl necklace SoC mabe pearl necklace KaySD, I'm celebrating the holidays with my Holy Grail of pearl jewellery. It's a more modest but longer version of pkinnew's.
  3. cyndayco

    Holiday Wish List

    Hi, everyone. I've been inactive on Pearl-Guide for most of the year, partly because I didn't want my pearl shopping to escalate. Apparently, that strategy doesn't work. Like me, Douglas joined LinkedIn, where he displayed his new mabe necklace. I snapped it up before any of you ladies could...
  4. cyndayco

    Go-to Pearls for Work: Silver-jewel tones collection

    Hi, everyone. I went on lurk mode for several months, but I came out of the woodwork to post my silver-jewel tones collection: a blue baroque SS ring, an SoC mabe bracelet, and akoya hoop earrings. These are my go-to pearls for work. Hope you love them as much as I do.
  5. cyndayco

    New SoC blister pearl

    Like an expectant mom, it took me nine months to finally have my pearl set--and I did it myself! I brought it along to Bali, where I took a silversmithing class at Chez Monique. I designed it, cut, molded, hammered, filed, and polished the silver. About the only thing the staff did was solder...
  6. cyndayco

    Imelda and her pearls

    Everyone knows Imelda Marcos and her collection of shoes. Not many know her real crime is spending government funds and ill-gotten dividends on outrageous jewelry and Impressionist art. Aside from diamond tiaras and sapphire bibs, she wore these. Photos courtesy of the Presidential Commission...
  7. cyndayco

    New SoC blister pearl

    It is here!
  8. cyndayco

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Remember my Jackie O akoyas? I finally figured out how to make them less formal, by mixing them with my blue Japanese akoyas.
  9. cyndayco

    New SoC blister pearl

    Last year, I decided to treat myself to an SoC mabe pearl. I told myself, this caps my pearl collection. How often have we told ourselves that? Anyway, I have since fallen in love with mabes and blister pearls. After Douglas told me that he had SoCs that were not on display at Perlasshop.com...
  10. cyndayco

    Abalone Blue Mabe Pearls from Eyris

    I've been watching this Eyris and diamond set go down in price over the last few weeks. But I just bought an SoC blister pearl from Douglas, so I'm out. Hopefully, someone in P-G can bring this home. RARE New Zealand EYRIS Blue Abalone Mabe Pearl 18K GOLD NECKLACE & EARRING SET
  11. cyndayco

    Abalone pearls?

    Hi! I saw this interesting piece, but I wondered if l got her pearl classification wrong. Is it abalone pearl, biwa, or just plain FW stick pearls?
  12. cyndayco

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Hi! Normally, I find my classic akoyas too formal for our office's business casual dress code, but when twisted with my Japanese blue akoyas, they're too pretty not to wear.
  13. cyndayco

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Today, my mabe and opal necklace came out to play.
  14. cyndayco

    natural pearl and cameo

    I had to replace most of the pearls on this bracelet, and I sourced them on eBay. If your search doesn't turn up anything, I can dig up the vendors' (yes, more than one) names for you.
  15. cyndayco

    Golden SSPs and turquoise?

    Ever since I invested in my golden Wilma Flintones, my first go-to GSSP necklace has stayed at the back of the jewelry case. The pearls are circled and dyed, but I like their casual elegance that went well with sundresses and jeans. That got me thinking about reconfiguring them with turquoise...
  16. cyndayco

    The Catacomb Saints would totally blend in the P-G club

    As someone raised on Star Trek, I began following George Takei even before he joined Facebook. Today, he shared the link to this article on the Catacomb Saints. Among the precious gems that adorn the Catacomb Saints are loads of natural pearls. Head to Germany at warp speed!
  17. cyndayco

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    TGIW. I love my golden klonks, and I'm constantly trying to find ways to wear them with casual and business casual clothing. Here they are with a cotton tee in a painterly print. (Pardon the grainy photo.)
  18. cyndayco

    What did you score for Mother's Day?

    Here are my kasumi pearls. They're mostly pink, lavender, and mauve, and they are huge. Keep in mind that I'm a size 16, and my frame isn't exactly dwarfing these 12-14mm pearls.
  19. cyndayco

    Show us your menagerie

    Another bee
  20. cyndayco

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Although I can't possibly steal thunder from BAS's lovely lariat, here are my casual Friday POTDs (pearls of the day): a baroque SSP necklace and a faux pearl cuff. Someday, I'll find enough lustrous freshwater pearls to replace the glass ones.