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Search results

  1. LondonPearl

    Corona Virus - Hong Kong Show

    The latest news looks rather bleak. All travel from the pearl farming areas of China to Hong Kong has been banned. There are over 80 confirmed cases in the Chinese pearl farming areas. Hong Kong has also severely restricted all travel from China to Hong Kong. As a long term exhibitor at the...
  2. LondonPearl

    What colours do you think will be "in" for this year?

    So here is the question ......We are working to prepare goods for the Vicenza and Hong Kong shows over the next few weeks and the real question is.... what colour do you think will be popular this coming year? We have had quite a few unusual bespoke requests in the last week like the light grey...
  3. LondonPearl

    Major Industry News

    There is breaking news in Europe which will have an impact in our industry all over Europe and further afield. I post the original link below which is in German. https://www.gz-online.de/news-detail/schluss-fuer-schoeffel.html At the “better end” of the market Schoeffel has been the largest...
  4. LondonPearl

    February Hong Kong show

    Hi - who is coming to the Hong Kong show in three weeks time? It would be great to meet any of you that are out at the show - we are in the pearl hall ....
  5. LondonPearl

    American colours ....

    These natural colour pearls made me think of the USA ....
  6. LondonPearl

    Golf Ball

    Anyone for an expensive game of golf?
  7. LondonPearl

    Natural colour - Multi Colour necklaces

    OK ... some of you wanted to see my new multi colour necklaces .... We finished many yesterday .... this part of the production is all 12mm up .....
  8. LondonPearl

    Big new baroque South Sea loose

    Here are a few new pearls we are working on ......
  9. LondonPearl

    South Sea natural colours

    Some new natural colour South Sea pearls .... none of them are Tahitian! The 16x18mm intense gold oval pair is my favourite ...
  10. LondonPearl

    Tahiti natural fancy colour sets

    Just prepared these sets for the Las Vegas show. They look much better in real life than on the photo ......
  11. LondonPearl

    A marriage made on the web ....

    My Turtle wants a date with the leaping lizard!
  12. LondonPearl

    14-15.5mm Tahiti fancy colours

    Natural colour 14 to 15.5mm Tahiti aubergine and green pearls. They look better in real life than in my photo!
  13. LondonPearl

    Freshwater can put South Sea in the shade

    Some new freshwater pearls that put some of my "fine" South Sea in the shade ..
  14. LondonPearl

    Guess the origin ...

    No - it is not Chinese ...
  15. LondonPearl

    Natural colour Tahitian pearls

    The fancy colours here are all natural .... nature is amazing.
  16. LondonPearl

    Too large to wear?

    Is this too big and heavy to wear? My pearl gauge only works on the smallest pearl ...
  17. LondonPearl

    Any Ideas - Help needed!

    About 3 years ago, I found a pearl in the shape of a perfect golf tee. We made a nice diamond golf ball in 18 carat gold and ever since I have been looking for a pearl that would work as a golf club ....Does anyone have a bright idea of how I can finish my mad project?
  18. LondonPearl

    New South Sea necklace with a 20mm centre

    Exactly 20mm - what a nice South Sea -
  19. LondonPearl

    Worlds Largest round Tahiti Necklace

    We have just produced a round 18-20mm Tahiti necklace - nice colour and lustre. Has anyone ever seen a necklace larger than this? Is this currently the largest necklace in the world?