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Search results

  1. kelluvpearls

    Top 5 tools

    After asking Katbran, I thought it might be fun and useful to ask about everybody's top 5 most frequently used or indispensable tool for jewelry making. You may choose to include the brand as well as not every brand is equal. If you have more than 5 please list them all. :D:D
  2. kelluvpearls

    Questions on beading essentials

    Hi all Starting my own question thread as I have too many LBC questions, thank you in advance! Question 1 I want to set up a mini stash for knotting pearls, since I live overseas I thought I'll get around 10/15 colours in one go.I was wondering if people just get the regular thickness or do I...
  3. kelluvpearls

    Favourite single strand length

    I was wondering what's everyone's favourite length for a single strand of pearls or a tin cup? 20 or 22 inches? Longer or shorter?
  4. kelluvpearls

    Fiji J Hunter pearls Savusavu

    I visited Fiji Savusavu in August, we had a wonderful time there, one of the best holiday ever. A big thank you to Justin and Leanne Hunter who took a lot time and too us on a tour of the hatchery, the farm and showed us their latest harvest. Justin told us many interesting stories about their...
  5. kelluvpearls

    J Hunter pearl farm Fiji

    Hi all I'm going to Fiji and will visit the J Hunter pearl farm in August, and hopefully coming back with a pearl souvenir. Has anyone visit the farm before? Also does anyone has any recommendations on what I should look at? Any other suggestions? Thank you. Edit: Umm I am thinking I posted in...
  6. kelluvpearls

    Too big as studs?

    I just bought these lovely 12.8mm pearls from Kojima, do you think the size is too big for studs? Attached also is a photo me wearing a 12 mm pair. Different ideas will also be much appreciated!
  7. kelluvpearls

    Help with WSS pearls please

    Hi all I need to do is eliminate one from this lot, and it'll be great to get some keen eyes and pearly advice before I go ahead with having them drilled. To be honest all of them looked pretty evenly matched and lovely to me, so some help from you all is very much appreciated!
  8. kelluvpearls

    What are these yellow pearls? Art deco necklace?

    I was browsing eBay and saw this necklace I am wondering what kind of pearls are these. The seller mentioned it's an Art Deco piece...
  9. kelluvpearls

    South sea earrings help

    I received a pair of South sea earrings a while ago. They are graded AAA with a silver blue overtone (that's what I asked for anyway). I like them except one of the pearls has a weird texture at the back and a blemish that looks like a scratch at the front. I am wondering whether these has a...
  10. kelluvpearls

    Pearl accessory pearlacce.com?

    Hi I was wondering if anyone heard of www.pearlacce.com or purchased from them before?
  11. kelluvpearls

    Golden pearl treatments

    There seem to be a lot more golden coloured pearls available lately. I was wondering if we can differentiated those that has been treated (e.g. dyed) from those with natural colouring easily? How can we tell if the pearls have undergone treatment?
  12. kelluvpearls

    Please help me choose which gold spacers

    I am trying to choose between 2 types of rondels for my drop shape Tahitians, the choice of spacers seems like a trivial issue but these little (tiny) things are rather costly so I want to make the right choice. Maybe the PG expert beaders/members can help with my decision, it'll be much...
  13. kelluvpearls


    Hi Has anyone bought from www.youpearl.com before? Are their products as good as the photos on the website? I am interested in getting some rosebud and coin pearls. thanks!
  14. kelluvpearls

    Kojima pearls

    Just wondering if anyone bought from the Kojima Pearls website recently. I sent a couple of emails to Kojima Pearls about purchase in the past few weeks but I haven't received a reply yet. I want to buy one of the products but I like to confirm that they are still trading before making a...