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Search results

  1. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Keshi Earrings

    I am creating this thread so I can drop pics of Tahitian Keshi Earrings (Hope no one minds). By Baggins:
  2. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Hair Adornment

    I came across this (I think quite lovely) Diamond and South Sea Keshi Pearl hair ornament: Wisteria Hair Corsage by Tasaki for the Tiara minded: Abstract Star Tiara (though it is less Tiara and more hairband) and finally hair combs: Petals Hair Corsage
  3. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Vintage Pearl style

    Ruby Dee:
  4. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Pearl and Diamond Shoes by Jada Dubai

    For you Pearl Lovers here is a fashion piece featuring pearls and diamonds: ( Jada Dubai Pearl Shoes ) ( Jada Dubai Shoes ) For the diamond lovers there is also a Ruby and Diamond pair with 1ct Diamonds on the sole of each shoe
  5. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Yoko London

    I've just seen a bright mauve colored pearl and diamond ring and I was told it was a Yoko London piece...so of course me being me I went hunting. I immediately thought these earrings look like robots...(that isn't a bad thing), but I really like the color combo. (yoko london)
  6. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Natural Pearl GRIMA Brooch

    Natural Pearls & Diamond Brooch by GRIMA While you are there also check out the Seashell necklaces and the "Gothic" Tahitian Pearl necklace.
  7. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Halloween Inspired Fun Pearls

    These are seen on JIWINAIA
  8. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Empress Alexandra Princess Alix of Hesse

    I came across this old picture and the necklace made me curious about some of her jewelry, so I started looking at more photos. She seemed to wear a lot of pearls, but also beaded stations and chains. I think some of these modern tin cup necklaces would've fit right in during her era. This...
  9. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Faceted Pearls

    I was not sure how I felt about faceted pearl strands after many years of seeing so many poor specimens in dyed freshwater pearls. Lately I have been seeing so many created designs using tahitian pearls, typically as a one off. Then I stumbled across this pic of a strand and now I am back on...
  10. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Favorite Emmy Pearl jewelry

    I can't say I saw too much pearl jewelry but, Tracee Ellis Ross' earrings looked very very heavy. The dress is Chanel...still working on finding out more about the earrings and the ring :)
  11. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Alessio Boschi Keshi Shark

    At first glance I thought it was a Dolphin, but it is another creative use of pearls with an animal theme Alessio Boschi Keshi Shark Keshi Shark Also if you do a google search you can see the hidden surprise in the belly. (If this was repeated elsewhere my apologies...I did search the guide...
  12. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Maharanis Women of Royal India

    Has anyone read or seen this book?: From my other style post you might have noticed I am currently into the fashion and jewelry culture of India/East Asia. I've been really wanting to share a picture of a pearl, diamond, ruby, emerald and enamel necklace I had the pleasure of examining a...
  13. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Conch Pearl & Diamond Ring: Pamela Huizenga

    This is another designer that has an interesting collection: Her Conch Pearl and Diamond Ring is quite interesting: Pamela Huizenga Conch Pearl & Diamond Ring Rest of the collection: Here I really like her fossil coral and diamond ring
  14. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Viren Bhagat Natural Pearl Earrings

    Here is an example of some Viren Bhagat jewelry: Natural Pearl and Diamond earrings Update: Viren Bhagat at fd-gallery.com-image 1 fd-gallery.com-image 2
  15. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Lydia Courteille Jewelry

    These earrings are titled "Kasumiga" (I know I know lol) by Lydia Courteille
  16. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Jacks by John Iversen

    If you are not familiar with him you can view his work here: Jacks by John Iversen I really dig how cool this idea happens to be. In necklaces, earrings, brooches and rings. The luster drool....
  17. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Red Carpet Ready

    Every so often I see "pearls" on the red carpet used to add some interesting element to the dress. I thought you might enjoy this picture : Zendaya at the Butterfly Ball:
  18. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Tiara and Conch Pearl lovers

    Enjoy https://www.instagram.com/p/3bnLNAFAe8/
  19. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Pearl Collecting

    ****I was not sure where to put loose pearls (so if there is a different place please feel free to move it). I thought I would share one of my Holiday gifts along with some older pieces the colors all seemed to go together amazingly well. The large pearl has the color of both the smaller pearls
  20. BlackPearlDudeDC

    Do you style your pearls with accesories?

    Curious if you also style your pearls with accessories? I gave my mother a gift of a silk Hermes scarf a few years back and I twisted it and wrapped around it few strands of commercial freshwater pearls in similar colors (added gift). We talked about it recently and it got me thinking about...