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  1. JerseyPearl

    A little birdie from across the pond, in a magical land of princesses and pearls....

    pearlescence Congratulations to our very own Wendy on her TV debut! Copies of her wonderful reference book Pearls: A Practical Guide flew off the shelves and almost completely sold out. (I highly recommend her book, excellent source!!) How cool is it that one of our pearly own is now a TV star...
  2. JerseyPearl

    Another day, another great article! Men in Pearls edition.

    Happy Monday, and happy reading! https://www.nytimes.com/2020/09/14/t-magazine/pearls-mens-fashion-harry-styles.html?surface=most-popular&fellback=false&req_id=890149771&algo=bandit-all-surfaces&imp_id=439011161&action=click&module=Most%20Popular&pgtype=Homepage
  3. JerseyPearl

    Interesting Article from Japan Times

    Hi everyone, my son sent me this article to read and I thought it might be of interest to others as well. https://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2020/02/08/lifestyle/freshwater-pearl-industry/
  4. JerseyPearl

    Sharing this article about one of our own!!!

    Our own Judi McCormick is featured in this wonderful article about her line! It's an amazing story of the development of her jewelry with its beginnings in fashion. And I promise, the photo of her pearls is drool worthy! Congratulations Judi...
  5. JerseyPearl

    Congrats to JHunter!

    Saw this wonderful news on their Instagram... https://www.instagram.com/fijipearls/ The Duchess of Sussex is absolutely glowing and wearing the perfect outfit to compliment her lovely new necklace!!
  6. JerseyPearl

    Holiday Wish List

    I thought it would be fun to share the Tahitian pearl items on our holiday wish lists. Mine is this amazing bracelet from pattye...
  7. JerseyPearl

    Kamoka and Puerto Rico

    I just want to say Kuddos to Kamoka! This is an amazing gesture and worthy of reposting for those who might not be on their email list...I have copied and pasted the content of the email I received from Kamoka: Please help us help Puerto Rico. Let's do this together. We have found ourselves...
  8. JerseyPearl

    Peek inside....

    Just sharing a photo that I posted on my Instagram...this is a 2.2mm drill hole on a cultured Tahitian pearl. Kind of interesting to take a peek down the "rabbit hole" don't ya think?
  9. JerseyPearl

    Pearl Information Association

    Look what just popped up on both my Instagram and Facebook: http://pearlinformationassociation.com/ Great information, lovely user friendly format!
  10. JerseyPearl

    Financial Times, June 1,2017

    I am a day late in my reading, but yesterday's Financial Times had a wonderful article on pearls, "Lustre for Life"...featured in the article a reference to Justin Hunter with a photo of his wonderful pearls. It's worth a read: https://www.ft.com/content/71bf7030-1954-11e7-9c35-0dd2cb31823a
  11. JerseyPearl

    Birthday Blues

    I decided to start a new thread about my belated birthday necklace. I have been sitting on a small lot of wonderful sky blue Tahitian pearls for quite some time...deciding what to do with them was the challenge. One of the pearls went into the mermaid-octo clasp that Sheri created, and lives...
  12. JerseyPearl

    Prickly pears and pearls

    I just wanted to share a photo of an inspiration...not sure what this will end up being.
  13. JerseyPearl

    Luna Felix

    As we are apt to do while on vacation, we dream...well my dream pearl pendant is an $85,000 Luna Felix design which I saw in person in Santa Fe. This is an amazing work of art. Here is the link to the pendant: http://www.lunafelixgoldsmith.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=PEN16001 The piece...
  14. JerseyPearl

    NYTimes Style Section

    Worth a look! http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2017/03/22/t-magazine/pearl-jewelry-oversize-unusual/s/pearls-slide-TVCJ.html?action=click&contentCollection=fashion&contentPlacement=45&module=stream_unit&pgtype=sectionfront&region=stream&version=latest
  15. JerseyPearl

    Because it's fall...

    These pearls are such pretty colors for fall...I am so tempted to make them into a pair of earrings.
  16. JerseyPearl

    It isn't easy being green

    Some beautiful earrings that I made for a friend...these two pearls came from my recent purchase of a pastel lot from Jacques. I held back these two because they are a terrific match. Please forgive the finger prints on the pearls...
  17. JerseyPearl


    I can think of no other word to describe the wonderful strand anchored by the mermaid and octo baby...Sheri did an AMAZING job on this clasp. It is so sculptural and unique. I am still experimenting with connection to the strand (strung on wire w/bumpers, currently) and I like the jump ring...
  18. JerseyPearl

    My attempt at a harvest strand

    So I have been intrigued by the gorgeous harvest strand that ckrickett made a few months back...I have been stashing away pearls, and recently ordered some keshi to complete the project. There is a special clasp in the works, so I will post that when it arrives...but here is the progress thus...
  19. JerseyPearl

    The little things in life....

    A wonderful little batch of really pretty keshi pearls! I wanted some little pearls to use for accents, and I ended up ordering these beauties from Jacques.
  20. JerseyPearl

    Look what I found while eating a clam

    In celebration of July 4th, we had clams this evening. While we didn't dig them up, we did buy them from local clammers here on the Shore. As I was preparing clams for the steamer, I decided to open a few to have raw with our cheese and cocktails. As I served the clams, as "chef" I only got...