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Search results

  1. Purranha

    A long overdue hello, some updates, and yes pearls too!

    Hello ladies, I’m here to say a looooooong overdue hello! Sorry I’ve been MIA for so long, but lots has happened in the past few years! Let’s see…I’ve moved (twice!), got engaged, had surgery (all well and back to normal now), had wedding ceremony canceled (due to pandemic), got married (signed...
  2. Purranha

    Introduciiiiiing - Bird Bath!!!

    Hello Ladies, it's been a while since I've posted a craft project - it took me a long while to unpack a lot of my crafting supplies when I moved in the spring/summer time. So I've teased about this upcoming project back in Aug 17, 2018, and have only completed it this weekend. Yup. lol...
  3. Purranha

    Pearls & Mini Origamis! Stars cranes & flowers!!!

    Hi Everyone! It’s been a long while since I did a proper craft project posting and I wanted to share the latest one as I’ll be bringing it to the Ruckus with me. Introducing the Origami Star Crane & Flower series!
  4. Purranha

    OH EM GEEEE, introducing Arielle, the Mermaid Octo Clamshell Playdate Ring!!!!!

    It is no secret that I am a HUUUUGE fan of Sheri's works, and WOW she has outdone herself yet again!!!!!!!!!! Introducing Arielle, the Mermaid Octo Clamshell Playdate Ring!!!
  5. Purranha

    Dave's (Lagoon Island Pearls) Adventure Pendants!

    Hi Ladies! Have you seen Dave's Adventure Pendant posted on his FB page? I know some of you have already seen it, but thought I'd share it here anyhow. Here's Dave's description on FB: "Each pendant contains rare natural pearls from Pacific waters, rare hand picked botryoidal nephrite jade...
  6. Purranha

    Testing out Jewel Brite on Pearls! GASP!

    Hi Ladies! I have encountered a number of discussions on PG around pearl cleaning - especially when it comes to silver parts/wires/mountings attached to the pearls. Silver is tricky since it tarnishes really fast, plus silver polish cloth often can't get to those wire wrapped portions or...
  7. Purranha

    My Four Seasons Bloom Flower Tin-Cups

    Well, it’s more like Two Seasons lol, Summer & Winter. I decided to consolidate my flower tin-cups into a separate post since there are various Tin-Cup posts on PG.
  8. Purranha

    Intergem in Secaucus this weekend?

    Hey PGers! I saw that Intergem is having a show in Secaucus NJ this weekend - it will be the inaugural show there! I'm staying local for the Labor Day weekend and it seem to be accessible via public transport so I'm contemplating about checking it out. FINGERS CROSSED that it will be better...
  9. Purranha

    It is the Season of Shoulder Dusters!

    Hi everyone! Feel like I haven't posted as regularly in a while as I have been swamped at work for the past month so wanted to post something new now. As NYC is going through a week of sweltering heat, I have temporarily put away my ropes in favor of earrings (which I don't wear during the...
  10. Purranha

    AAHHH! New Adoption - Octo Mermaid Playdate & Hippocampus!

    Hi ladies! I’d like to introduce some new additions to my family – Octo Mermaid Playdate & Hippocampus!!! Squeeeee!!! Sheri has posted her own Playdate in the Octo Babies thread started by GemGeek earlier this year. https://www.pearl-guide.com/forum/showthread.php?10219-Octo-Babies! Sadly...
  11. Purranha

    Hot Air Balloon

    Introducing my new Hot Air Balloon! This pieces was inspired by the Paspaley Lavalier collection featured in NatGeo's Secret Life of Pearls, and this fabulous design has been loved and shared in various P-G threads as well. The end result turned out better than I ever imagined, but it also...
  12. Purranha

    Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair

    Reporting from the Taiwan Jewellery & Gem Fair (hosted by UBM)! Thanks to Icy_Jade, I learned that UBM started hosting the Fair in Taipei (this is only the 3rd year!). Coincidentally (I swear!) I'm in Taipei this week to visit family, so I arm-twisted my mom to check it out with me today...
  13. Purranha

    My new Revenge Victoria Grayson strand!!!

    Hi Ladies! Not sure if any of you watched Revenge. While the series started strong, it definitely got crazier as the seasons progressed. BUT, the cast had some serious jewelries, and Victoria Grayson in particular had ridiculous pearls. I was in love with one of her pieces, and I think she...