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Search results

  1. Abi

    What strand do y'all think this is?

    This was posted as gssp. Do y'allthink its GSSP, or really really really nicely dyed freshwaters? Any ideas?
  2. Abi

    Starting over in making my tahitian strand

    Hello my dear PG family, hope to see some of y'all in Tucson at the seminars or around :). I mentioned in another post about my stolen purse with my tahitian strand/earrings and Edison pendant/earrings. So today I dropped by the Pueblo Gem show to take a quick gander around, and found 2 strands...
  3. Abi

    Stolen Tahitians

    Hi my beautiful pearly family. I've been MIA, but have been checking the threads periodically to see how everyone and their pearls are doing. I meant to post this sooner, but I was and a little still in sadness of my pearl loss. Dec 23, Steven and I were in Tucson with our 8 month puppy at a...
  4. Abi

    Tucson Gem & Mineral Show 2018

    Hi Pearl Family! I haven't posted in awhile, have a lot of pearling up to do! I was wondering who is coming into to Tucson this month! It's my first time going, and I was hoping to meet some of the pearl guide family! I learned through facebook that Kojima will be at the GJX. Sadly, I'm not...
  5. Abi

    Lavender Edisons

    Hello everybody :) I just had gotten this pretty lavender edison strand from a vendor? Can y'all try to help me confirm whether these are natural color or were dyed? I know lavender can be a natural color of fwp , but I wanted to confirm because the surface...oh maybe they're "rippley"? I...
  6. Abi

    Gempacked not secure?

    Hello my fellow beaders and pearl loving friends. I've been trying to get on the gempacked site, and each time I typed the address on either phone or laptop I receive a warning that it is not a secured site and my privacy is at risk. I definitely close the tab after I read that, but it's a...
  7. Abi

    Green vs Blue T's

    I was sent pictures of two strands and slightly torn. So I decided to get y'all's opinion on them. He gave me the same price for both. I am learning more towards the bluish ones, but would you consider the blemishes on these strands significant? These are the Peacocks He called these...
  8. Abi

    Pearl... or Keshi?

    My mother found this strand with other keshi strands, but I'm thinking they're baroque pearls? She's not the best in picture taking, and these were actually the best ones she sent me. Can someone confirm through these pictures whether they are Keshi or pearls? Thank you in advance!
  9. Abi

    First strands and clasps question!

    Hello my dear Pearl lovers and Beaders :). I was at a tradeshow this past weekend and have bought myself my first strand of Tahitians and gold south sea pearls! They are both strung on a temporary strand, and I would love to re-string my lovely pearls into necklaces.... I worry since it's...
  10. Abi

    To knot, bead space, or bumpers- Oh My!

    Sooo I am needing y'alls wisdom and experience! I am new in making jewelry for myself, and after I had succeeded making earrings, and a tin cup (I think? Wire wrapped) tahitian pearl bracelet, I would like to try making myself a necklace. I don't have enough to make a strand, but I have some...
  11. Abi

    Fire Mountain Gems & Beads sale til April 10

    Hi everyone! I just saw there's a $1 or less sale going on at the Fire Mountain Gem & Beads site. Not sure if everyone knows about it :). Here's a link: http://www.firemountaingems.com/shop/kw_1_dollar_sale Maybe you'll find something you need/like?