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    kamoka mana bracelet :)

    i thought i'd share a few pictures of my most recent pearly purchase :) it's my first piece from kamoka and i'm in LOVE with it...the pearl, the colorful mother of pearl clasp, how comfortable it is, i'm seriously in love, lol. i feel like it can be dressed up or down and layered easily too...
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    could use other's opinions on this strand...

    ....so this very lovely necklace popped up on an antique and estate jewelers website i follow and i'm both in love with it and confused as to what kind of pearls they are. here's the link to the necklace...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    thanks baby nurse, if i am remembering correctly they are metallic souffles. i love them :)
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    new antique mystery pearl ring!

    hi everyone, i'm super excited to share my first pearl ring! it's 18k gold with three 5ish mm pearls and four old single cut diamonds. the pearls are each a different color and kind of lumpy and bumpy. i have no clue what kind they are if anyone knows? the ring was sold to me as art deco...
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    Valentines Day

    thanks sunseeker! jerseypearl, i don't have hubby trained as much as i just tell him to go to pearl paradise for our pearl purchases, can't go wrong with anything from either in my book! ;)
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    Valentines Day

    i posted this in other thread but here's my new vday necklace again. hubby picked it out himself, i love all the colors in it! [/url][/IMG] [/url][/IMG]
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    my christmas pearls!

    so my husband suprised me with two pearl pieces this year! :D both are from PP, a 50 inch white rope and a round tahitian leather chocker. the earrings are 10-12mm keshi studs. [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] [/IMG] the leather choker is surprisingly comfortable and goes with everything too!
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    36-inch 10.0-14.0 mm Tahitian, White and Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

    hi everyone :) i picked this tin cup up during last months PP sale and am loving layering it with my other necklaces and tin cups! it seems to go with everything and i really like the length and that i can double it if i'm in the mood for something different. [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG]...
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    ....what kind of pearls are these?

    hi everyone! this just came in the mail today. the seller said it was his mothers and that they are tennessee river pearls. the chain is 10k rose gold. the pearls (if thats in fact what these are!) look and feel very different then all my others. any info is appreciated, i did my best to get...
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    vietnamese akoya strand and friends...

    thanks cathykeshi, gemgeek,bas, and dkan168! bas, here's some pictures of the earrings close up. none on my ears though, can't seem to get a non blurry picture by my self! oh, and one more i took last night in bad lighting of all three strands together(with my blue akoya studs). they are heavy!
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    vietnamese akoya strand and friends...

    My necklace came yesterday so i decided to take some pictures of it with a few of my existing blue baroque pieces....i think I'm addicted to the blue baroque akoyas, lol! left to right: antique strand, new 8-8.5mm vietnamese strand, 7.5-8mm japanese strand. antique strand on top with new...
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    my new anniversary necklace!

    i'm very sensitive to heavy earrings too, good to hear they are lightweight! thanks for posting pictures, they are all so beautiful! did PP make them for you? i think we have similar taste in pearls :) here's another picture of my necklace on my baroque tahitian strand and one of my new lavender...
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    my new anniversary necklace!

    BAS, here's a picture i took this weekend before i left for my little brother's college graduation! I'm wearing it with my new metallic lavender bracelet and earrings i picked up during the PP mother's day sale! :)
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    metallic multicolor keshi necklace :)

    hi guys, here's pictures of what i picked up so far during the mothers day sale at PP! it's a 36 inch 7-9mm metalic multicolor keshi pearl necklace... the colors are very vibrant and look so pretty with spring colors! this is my first piece of metallic pearl jewelry and I'm really drawn to the...
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    some of my antique pieces!

    i used warm water and a very soft bristled toothbrush, then cleaned them with one of the little kits that came with one of my PP necklaces. i think they came out cleaner and brighter!i also tried to clean up another antique ebay piece i own, i think they are baroque akoyas? i'm going to my...
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    some of my antique pieces!

    hi everyone! i was going though some of my older stuff and thought i would post some! the pin is sterling mikimoto (couldnt for the life of me get a clear shot of the little m in a shell halmark!) and the necklace is from the princesse pearl company (which i'd never heard of before!) i love...
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    ...could this necklace be natural pearls?

    hi everyone! i'm usually hanging out in show us your pearls but i would love some info/opinions about this ebay auction. I'm the first bidder and was drawn to the piece because of its fabulous clasp. the seller is saying the pearls are natural...i have no idea either way, just that i was drawn...
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    my new anniversary necklace!

    hi everyone! *waves* i received this a few weeks ago as an anniversary gift from the hubby. it's an 18 inch 14k yellow gold akoya pearl tin cup with freshwater souffle drop from PP. it's my first tin cup and i've been wearing it a ton! i'm in LOVE! here's some pics...i know i love looking at...
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    my tahtian pearls

    hi everyone *waves* i'm a newbie to the forum and quite pearl obessed :) i posted my new blue akoyas a few days ago and promised you guys a post of my tahitians..... all of them are from PP, the earrings were made for me with the brilliant diamond dangle studs and 9-10mm baroques. the...
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    my new blue akoyas!

    this is like my third time trying to get this to load so sorry if there's multiples of this post!!! thanks everyone for the warm welcome! here's a few more pics with one of some of my tahitians and a neckshot/earshot too of my sleepy face, lol. :o