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Search results

  1. kalmen22

    Pearly loot from Cees

    Wanted to share my loot from cees. It's always wonderful buying from him. I love to get watsapp messages of his pearl finds. And boy are they gorgeous. Bought a few items.. will slowly load the pics. Here is a strand of multi coloured Tahitians. The colours are gorgeous.
  2. kalmen22

    Solid gold or gold filled chain for tin cup

    Hi all, I was thinking of making a tin cup and was looking around for chains. The price of solid gold chains are much higher than I expected. Any other suggestions? I'm looking for white gold colour or silver. Any vendor or store you've bought before and would recommend? Thank u
  3. kalmen22

    Kamoka coconut ring

    My very first Kamoka purchase. Josh was absolutely delightful to work with. This ring is very special to me. My grandma passed away a couple of months back. She lived a good long life of 101 years. I wanted to get a piece of jewellery to remind me of her. She didn't wear pearls much in her...
  4. kalmen22

    Where to find ring with pearl mounting in size 5

    Hi does anyone have any idea where I can buy ring with pearl mounting for size 5. I was hoping to get in 14k white gold or yellow gold. Went to Rio and their smallest size is 7. Tried a few etsy stalls but it was mostly 7 too. The only ones I can find in size 5 are in sterling silver which I...
  5. kalmen22

    Tahitians from Gyso Pearls (HK)

    It all started with seeing their post on instagram. I had a work trip to HK so contacted them to see if I could drop by to look at some pearls. They turned out to be in an industrial area filled with offices and jewellery wholesalers. It was a strange experience walking into a non descript...
  6. kalmen22

    PP Oct GSSP sale

    Anyone buying? It would be wonderful to get a strand. But I really shouldn't. I must say those oval 24k color looks amazing. If anyone is buying please share.
  7. kalmen22

    Jewellery finding in Hong Kong that is not wholesale

    Hi I'm headed to HK for work and am wondering if anyone knows of any jewelery finding stores. I'm hoping to buy some clasps and all for personal use. Any leads or suggestions would be appreciated. Regards.
  8. kalmen22

    Ombre strand

    I was fortunate to rehome a beautiful ombre strand from Pkinnew. I love ombres and like how lightweight and shiny this piece is. Feel very fortunate to own this piece. And thank you Pkinnew for willing to share this beauty. Sending much love.
  9. kalmen22

    Size of earring post?

    Hi all, I'm looking to purchase some earring stud posts with peg and cup. For a 9mm- 11mm stud what mm cup is suitable? 3mm or 4mm? Is there some sort of chart to follow or how does one know what size is suitable? Thank you in advance for your help!
  10. kalmen22

    Akoya necklace - help me identify colour

    Hi all, I was gifted this Akoya necklace by my mum. She bought it at a local Japanese departmental store. The saleslady told her its Akoya natural colour. Size of necklace is 8-8.5mm and 18"long. The strand is only knotted on the last 3 pearls, the rest unknotted. Which makes the necklace rather...
  11. kalmen22

    My first Tahitian and White and Gold South Sea Rope

    Hi all, I've been reading, enjoying and loving the beautiful pearls all of you have shared so generously. I only started discovering pearls last Oct and have I fallen hard. My hubby teases me and says I'm Pearling away while I read and browse and drool over all your wonderful pictures. I...