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Search results

  1. K

    Hong Kong ? 2019

    Anyone going ?
  2. K

    Removing back from a pearl.

    Somewhere this subject exists as I posted an answer a few months ago. But I wanted to post as I've changed my technique. I have quite successfully used the microwave/bowl of water method in the past. Alternating with Acetone and a firm pull on the peg. This is a method that I read about...
  3. K

    Hong Kong

    Hi there pearlie people ! Just a little note and s few photos from the offices . I've been here for a week and have finished all my shopping...well ...maybe not ALL .. a few bits and pieces to find. I'd been invited to visit the rooms early so took advantage to beat the rush. Even then it can...
  4. K

    Oops One way to fix a mistake

    So ..I was happily drilling away on these Keshi /cornflake whatever you call them ...ready to crank out another pair of studs. Then I stopped paying attention for a second when the dogs ran in ..zip...straight through. A nice hole right through the centre. So I tossed them aside for a week...
  5. K

    Not strictly Pearl industry .. but wow !

    I had an email today and clicking along various links ended up at the Saul Bell Design Awards ! Saul Bell started Rio Grande which is now owned by the Hathaway group. Each year the have a prestigious competition and the winners are truly astonishing. Check out these photos .... these...
  6. K

    Rio Grande

    Just to note , Rio has a two day sale on clasps going atm. I ordered some orbit clasps.
  7. K

    Orbit Clasp

    So ... heres the deal. I've got a gorgeous WSS GSS and Tahitian rope and am looking for a clasp. This lady wants something simple and does not want the clasp I normally use on larger pearls. Might be a touch of arthritis and she is on her own now since her husband passed. So..I was thinking...
  8. K

    Extreme graduation Lavender strands

    In response to IcyJade's request for photos of these strands I dove into my bags and dragged them out . I'm glad I went searching as I found so many things I'd forgotten about ...multi ripples ..Tahitians..multi Edisons ...big lumpy flat white rectangles..( saw some a few days ago in a photo by...
  9. K

    Well...I wish they were mine...

    I thought I'd drop this photo in this spot ...they aren't mine...they are Paspaleys ...they offered to let me wear them ...I was afraid I might make a run for the door ... but I'm quite slow so that wouldn't have had a happy ending . So I'm in Sydney this past weekend for dear ol Johns 70th...
  10. K

    Pricey pair !

    Well at this price I guess you only need one listing lol https://www.etsy.com/listing/257466953/tahitian-pearl
  11. K

    Melbourne Cup jockey and pearls

    Yesterday Michelle Payne, youngest of 10 children, was the first woman to ever win the Melbourne Cup. (think Kentucky Derby but bigger ). The Melbourne Cup is the second richest horse race in the world...the Kentucky Derby is the 9th. So not only did she win this riding a long shot but she won...
  12. K

    Lovely WSS

    Found these at a wholesalers - so pretty but a bit too big , Australian WSS ( 16.4-16.6) for what I wanted - but I was tempted ! Thought I'd post a photo for you pearly people to enjoy ! Sometimes it's hard not to impulse buy ! .
  13. K

    The Pointer Sisters

    Just wanted to post this photo - hopefully it's ok as I used my phone and a folded tent of A4 paper as a lightbox lol I think I'm going to hang these from blackened silver .. Jac's pearls - bless their pointy little perfect heads :)
  14. K

    Reringing some old favourites

    These photos are for someone who asked about a Harvest I was stringing. Hope this works . Tahitians 9mm -16mm - all shades of grey as requested by purchaser
  15. K

    Hong Kong beauties !

    For those who love lavender pearls .. look at this strand of Ming that Wendy posted . I'd post the photo but don't think I can without asking her and she's obviously in HK . So here is the link to the photo. To be honest I don't usually look at blogs as I don't have a huge amount of time to...
  16. K

    knotting technique question

    So...just a question out of interest. There are a couple of ways to use two threads in knotting : 1. String the pearls all onto the thread, using about 1/3 the total length. Then attach the clasp as normal and start back through the pearls with that long end of the thread and start knotting...
  17. K

    Need help finding a clasp - Japanese with a push button lock

    I've looked almost everywhere for these push button clasps that I believe are made in Japan. Stuller has a pinch clasp ..but these have a little rod that you knot to on one end and the clasp is on the other. The rod inserts in the clasp and locks and a little button on the side of the clasp...
  18. K

    Las Vegas show

    Does anyone here go to the Las Vegas show in June? I wasn't sure if they had a large pearl area or if it is mainly finished jewellery. From the web site it looks like it's mainly jewellery and individual gem stones for rings etc. I thought if I was passing through the States in June I'd stop...
  19. K

    Best clasps for long, heavy necklaces

    Clasps are the bane of my life..I swear... I understand why websites usually offer ball clasps in either white or yellow gold and keep it simple. My question is this .. I have been making a few long , 44" , large pearl necklaces lately. I have a good Sterling clasp but now I've got to come...
  20. K

    Problem with tiny stones in necklaces

    I'm not sure how to solve this problem... but when I have used 4mm or smaller stones, faceted, heshi, roundels, rounds..doesn't matter... they seem to catch the hair at the back of my neck. I had a customer (fortunately a friend) who told me that a Spinel necklace I'd made for her was driving...