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Search results

  1. moneymeister

    Need a picture of an Akoya pearl with bead showing

    Hi PG folks. Does anyone have a high-quality picture of an Akoya pearl showing the interior bead? I would like to use the picture on the Facebook page. I do not have a stray akoya at my house, or I would perform a hammer test. Thanks in advance.
  2. moneymeister

    Jewelers marks?

    Just curious; I bought this akoya strand 2nd hard and noticed etching on the "J" of the fish hook clasp. It looks like LY55H and is repeated at the top. Any guesses what this means? I am wondering if this was somehow marked with the owner and 1955. The strand size would fit with that time...
  3. moneymeister

    Pearlescence earrings came today

    I have been sick for a few days...had some sort of infection that made my cheeks swell up like a chipmunk, so no ear shots...yet anyhow :) Lovely freshwater earrings that came from Pearlescence today. The calla lily are gracefully formed and sit nicely on the ear. I adore these. The gold AAA...
  4. moneymeister

    Rehabbed Tahitian string from Overstock

    Hi Beaders, A year or so ago, I bought my first strand of Tahitians from that "O" store online. When I got the pearls, I said "oh" alright, but I kept them. They were the best I could afford at that point. Fast forward to this year and a few lovely pearl purchases from PP, the old string was...
  5. moneymeister

    cementing a pearl to a gold pendant

    I searched and didn't find under "dissolve glue". What do you all use to dissolve old glue from a 14k gold post? I have the G-S hypo cement to re-glue an upgraded tahitian. Will this work okay? The dull gray 10mm just didn't cut it. New pearl (vendor's photo)17mm x 12mm
  6. moneymeister

    New silver-blue baroque 8.5-9mm akoyas from PP

    My birthday pearls are here. I don't get them until February, but hubby let me show and tell. This is a 20" length 8.5-9mm akoya silver-blue baroque strand. Very happy with the lustre and color. From Pearl Paradise. Glad I upgraded from the 7mm I will take a few more in the morning under...
  7. moneymeister

    I "think" these would be akoyas

    Hi everyone. I wandered over from the PS site. I have an older graduated necklace here that I am sure is real and think are akoyas, but is it possible they are FW? I have no information on the origin. They have a nice rose overtone. The string is broken and I planned on sending them in for a...