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Search results

  1. newberry

    A Facebook Live Pearl Paradise Show and Tell

    What could be a better birthday than being able to play pearls in the Pearl Paradise pearl vault is being able to share the fun with all of you. All of this started as it's spring. Hisano and Jeremy's annual trip to Hong Kong bringing back lots of pearls for their vault. Me being very very...
  2. newberry

    September Pearl Paradise Tahitians

    Get ready lady's here they are the tiny white and silver Tahitian September special. They are just exquisite. Many different colors of silver to choose from and white Tahitian strands too.
  3. newberry

    A Little Adventure to Pearl Paradise

    What could be more fun than a little adventure to Pearl Paradise to see the newest Tahitians. It is like a siren call to me hearing a big box of Tahitian strands have just arrived. I remember seeing the blog post when they were bought...
  4. newberry

    Leslie Caron's pearls

    It was soooo hard this morning to pay attention to the interview when all I wanted to do was gaze at Ms Caron's pearls and Jane's weren't bad either ;) http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/leslie-carons-charmed-life-on-screen-2/
  5. newberry

    A Peek into Pearl Paradise Vault

    Is it really a vault of pearls??? Yes and I get to show you a little of what is in there right now :) it is a real vault with a very heavy door. I got to help close it one evening and it's really, really heavy. One of the akoya strands
  6. newberry

    Little h RUCKUS pre-view

    For those of you who won't be joining us this year I thought you might like to get a sneak peak at what everyone will get to see. Hisano let me come in and try everything on and take pictures ;) Most if not all questions I won't be able to answer so please contact Hisano directly. They are all...
  7. newberry

    Oh Purr look at what I saw today ;)

    I did a double take walking by the pearl cart this morning. Look at what I got to try sort of on.....They did have your name on them :eek: My new big Edison strand at 16.9mm look small compared to these. Jeremy took the pictures with my phone and picked each pearl to make these strands. I...
  8. newberry

    Queen Elizabeth's Pearls

    A nice article with pictures of Queen Elizabeth's pearls. She sure has some beautiful ones. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-3636227/The-Queen-pearls-dazzling-jewellery-owns-pair-pearl-earrings-given-beloved-grandmother-Queen-s-favourite.html
  9. newberry

    Road trip to Kojima Pearls

    Lucy and Ethel's spring time adventure to visit our dear friend Sarah and her fabulous pearls at Kojima Pearls. It just started out as a spur of the trip to keep Wendy company because Bill was away on business for the week. Then pearl girls being pearl girls decided that being this close to...
  10. newberry

    Vietnamese blue akoya

    Last spring I was asked by KaySD if I would go to PP with her. I always take a trip to PP in the spring. Jeremy and Hisano found big wonderful white and blue baroque akoyas that I wanted to see. I saw the white ones and fell in love and had to have a strand that ended up being the white tin...
  11. newberry

    Golden South Sea Pearls at Pearl Paradise

    My adventure started a couple of weeks ago when Kay mentioned she saw a strand of golden South sea pearls on the Pearl Paradise web site she wanted to see. She asked if I would like to join her at lunch and give my opinion. I'm always game to help anyone choose pearls plus I wanted to see...
  12. newberry

    Birthday shopping trip turns into CHAT 3/26 at PP

    When a girl gets to be older than dirt...the only thing that helps is a pearl hunt with friends :) I have no clue what is new in the vault and am anxious to see all the new pearls from the spring shopping trip. At Jeremy's suggestion we'll do a chat so you can join me on my adventure. Tune in...
  13. newberry

    Rikitea Blue bodys on a play date

    Thought it might be fun to show a couple of round blue body Rikitea strands from Pearl Paradise. Plus a couple of old friends also from Pearl Paradise. It was a great afternoon playing with pearls with friends. The above are the new blue body Rikitea round strands With my baroque blue body...
  14. newberry

    Short Interview with PP Photographer from 2014 RUCKUS

    The last interview to be posted from the 2014 RUCKUS is with the Pearl Paradise photographer Angela Peterman. See some of our questions on her photography process of the pictures posted on the web site and the ones sent to us are answered. Thank you Angela for letting us interview you :)...
  15. newberry

    A Weekend spent in Paradise at The 2014 RUCKUS by 2 crazy pearl lovers

    The big day is finally here! Have not slept much all week dreaming about pearls and I don't think I will get much sleep in the next few days either. But oh well what is a girl to do? My youngest son loads the car while I finish getting ready. I am making a quick stop in Long Beach to drop him...