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  1. Mikeyy

    Disappearing Industry

    Found this story with a few morsels taken from PG and me. LOL Inside Tennessee’s disappearing pearl industry Once a source of major economic growth, the state’s shell and pearl industry has in recent years all but vanished...
  2. Mikeyy

    Ajman offers pearl diving journey

    Ajman: The experience of pearl diving, a centuries-old tradition of Emirati culture, is now available in Ajman for citizens, residents and tourists. Abdul Aziz Bin Humaid Foundation in cooperation with Rahal Travel and Tours, a subsidiary of the Ajman Holding Group, has announced the launch of...
  3. Mikeyy

    From pearls to providence: A family business history of diversification

    Established in 1946, the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group is one of the oldest trading organisations in United Arab Emirates. This is a unique insight into the story of their diversification through the years. Now a cornerstone of Abu Dhabi and the wider UAE, the Mohamed Hareb Al Otaiba Group...
  4. Mikeyy

    Oysters Can Hear Your Noise Pollution and It’s Stressing Them Out

    The newts play the flute, the carp play the harp, but the oysters aren’t having any of this nonsense and want all of the Little Mermaid’s musically inclined friends to give them some peace and quiet already. Or at least they’d sure as heck like humans to just give them some peace and quiet...
  5. Mikeyy

    The most beautiful pearls in the world now certified as the most ethical and

    The most beautiful pearls in the world now certified as the most ethical and environmentally sustainable choice. Global best practice The MSC blue label is the consumers' guarantee that the fishery has been positively assessed by a third party (independent of the MSC) on a robust set of...
  6. Mikeyy

    Australian pearl farm enjoys rare moment, discovering two natural pearls in one shell

    Just saw this and thought I would post it Australia's longest running pearl farm has enjoyed a rare moment this week — opening up a pearl shell to discover two natural pearls. "The industry thinking is that one in every 10,000 shells might have a natural pearl in it," Cygnet Bay Pearls general...
  7. Mikeyy

    Kimberley pearl farm getting its lustre back with strong 2017 harvest

    This is Bruce Browns farm. It is the oldest pearl farm in Australia if I recall correctly. It's also one of the first farms I supplied nucleus for too many years ago. Good on them! Pearl farms across northern Australia are wrapping up this year's harvest and for the team at Cygnet Bay Pearls...
  8. Mikeyy

    Lauren Bacall Was A Pearl Lover

    How could you not like Lauren Bacall? And she had good fashion sense. RIP
  9. Mikeyy

    YAHOO's Take on Pearls

    I found this today. Try the link. There is video How an Oyster Makes a Pearl That lovely strand of pearls around your grandmother’s neck? Every single one of those iridescent orbs began its life in the belly of an oyster as a piece of ocean gunk, an errant piece of sand, or food that became...
  10. Mikeyy

    Trouble in South Sea Pearling

    This is a film about disease issues on pearl farms in Australia. Cygnet bay is I believe the oldest farm in Australia. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1_TiBAJBLGA
  11. Mikeyy

    "The Pearlers" Western Australia in the Early Years

  12. Mikeyy

    Early years in pearling were magical, says Patricia Kailis

    ?When I was 21, I was given almost the obligatory strand of pearls which I now know were Akoya for my 21st birthday which was the sort of thing that happened in those days,? she says. ?I?ve always loved pearls, before and since then.? Dr Kailis, 80, still treasures the strand, but nowadays...
  13. Mikeyy

    A little bit of WA pearling

  14. Mikeyy

    A little honesty in Pearl Farming is in order

    Being in the U.S. nuclei and mussel shell trade since 1969 I think I am qualified to point out some bad practices that have taken hold in recent years. In order to save a few bucks some farmers have taken to using inferior nuclei made from all sorts of odd shells. I have been approached by pearl...
  15. Mikeyy

    ?The Great Pearl Heist?

    I stumbled across this book today and thought some here might like it. An elegant crime boss, a mild-mannered detective and the world's most valuable necklace make for a ripping yarn A tall, elegant crime boss; a mild-mannered but brilliant police inspector; a volatile Spanish jeweler; an...
  16. Mikeyy

    Japanese shipwreck secrets to be unlocked

    The Arafura Sea off the Northern Territory coast can be a treacherous stretch of water during a storm. So it was in 1937 when Japanese pearling mother ship the Sanyo Maru went down in Boucaut Bay, with 20 people aboard and about 200 tonnes of mother of pearl, worth about 70,000 pounds at the...
  17. Mikeyy

    Project employs pearls to clean up Nagoya canal

    A group that is trying to improve the health of the Nakagawa Canal in Nagoya is attempting to produce pearls in it to purify the water. So far, Ise-wan Forum (Ise Bay Forum) has managed to create "baby pearls" with thin layers of nacre around each bead. The nonprofit organization now wants to...
  18. Mikeyy

    Pearls for Pointers

    A friend sent me this pic so I thought I would share it. No it's not Briar. He is too much a boy for this.
  19. Mikeyy

    A pearl of a story from Mardi Gras

    I saw this story on the CNN website. http://ireport.cnn.com/docs/DOC-751901?hpt=us_bn2
  20. Mikeyy

    MOP Carvings

    I was asked about shell carvings. I have a few. They are brittle and I have broken them but this is what they look like