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  1. la_corsetiere

    Body Parts

    OK, I'm taking the bait and starting a new thread! I have collected lots of photos of figurative pearl pieces, but most have been beasties, so I'll start off by posting one of my own creations. I found the body parts at Pearl Paradise following a ruckus a couple years back. She is holding a...
  2. la_corsetiere

    Some amazing pearls at the Rijksmuseum

    I was delighted to find that Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum has some amazing pearl jewelry in their collection. Being a huge fan of art nouveau and figurative pearl jewelry, here are some shots I took today. I'll start with art nouveau. If somebody feels inclined to fix the ones that are sideways...
  3. la_corsetiere

    Kamoka in National Geographic!!!

    Way to go, Josh!!! http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2013/08/130811-eco-friendly-pearl-farming-kamoka-polynesia-oysters-environment/
  4. la_corsetiere

    surprised to find bead-nucleated FWP

    I was attempting to repair a piece of jewelry last night, using a small (6mm to 7mm at most) round lavendar FWP. The pearl was fully drilled, off a strand I had had for some years, and was definitely not akoya. Due to some brutal mishandling, I managed to break the pearl, and was very...
  5. la_corsetiere

    ...but do I need it???

    Pearl of Allah's little brother... http://cgi.ebay.com/GIGANTIC-Baroque-SOUTH-SEA-PEARL-12-g-32x31-65x25-82mm-/200471276521?cmd=ViewItem&pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2ead04ebe9
  6. la_corsetiere

    Happy Springtime!

    Don't worry...it really likes being in a cage...
  7. la_corsetiere

    Some more Kamokas - with a wrist shot!

    O.K., I'm not REALLY supposed to be showing off these pearls, per Josh, since they aren't up to his usual standard of perfection, but I can't stop looking at my wrist, so thought I just had to share...I get kind of hypnotized by the colors... Some wrist shots here, plus a shot of a strand of...
  8. la_corsetiere

    mabe pearls from sumbawa/indonesia

    I saw these listed by Augustus-company on ebay, from whom I've purchased before. They are said to be from the penguin wing oyster. I asked whether or not the color was natural - this was the response: ---------- "When these Mabe pearls are cultured a nucleus is inserted against the side of the...
  9. la_corsetiere

    An unbiased account of my week at Kamoka

    So here it is, for all of you who have toyed with the idea of visiting Josh's pearl farm on Ahe...a true account from someone who did it and lived to tell the tale!!! (I'll be doing multiple posts with photos, so this may take me a little while...) I departed San Francisco on Thursday...
  10. la_corsetiere

    Giant clam pearl discovered in my sushi!

    O.K., the reality of it isn't quite so dramatic, but was still kind of interesting to bite into something hard when I took a bite of mirugai (long neck clam). Didn't know those critters made pearls. Whopping dimensions, about 2mm by 3mm. Had a nice baby giant clam shell to use as a photo...
  11. la_corsetiere

    pearl tree

    Was going to add this to the "some of my strange pearl creations" thread from long ago, but it's fairly well buried, so I'm starting a new thread here. I was inspired by all the talk of Christmas tree ornament pearls in the red pearls thread...much as I love Christmas, I'm actually more of a...
  12. la_corsetiere

    some giant mutant bead nucleated CFP's

    Wanted to share these photos I just took...these are three bead-nuked CFP's I bought at San Mateo Intergem a few months back. I set a couple with very simple wire-wrapped bails; the other multicolor one is drilled all the way through the top "lobe", to be incorporated into a necklace. I...
  13. la_corsetiere

    My new pearls...

    Had to share...the mermaid is offering her precious pearls in exchange for the fairy's shoe...
  14. la_corsetiere

    One more Tahitian monster joins the family

    Had to share. Just arrived from Rangiroa yesterday...haven't taken it off my neck...17.5mm. Sheri
  15. la_corsetiere

    too good to be true?

    I know these must not be what it says they are, given the price (starting bid at .99), but what do the experts think??? Ebay item 200212021090, supposedly 8mm golden Australian SS pearl strand from pinctada maxima, not shell pearls. Dyed FW or Akoya? Luster looks pretty metallic for SSP to...
  16. la_corsetiere

    My odd interchangeable earrings

    Just put these together, rather pleased with them... I'm definitely not the type to go for demure little studs! Gotta get back to playing with my stash (actually, a lunchbox) of pearls, to see what else I can come up with. These could be worn on simple hoops, as well. Sheri
  17. la_corsetiere

    Some of my odd pearl creations

    It's cold and gloomy, so decided to sit out in the rain and take photos of some of my slightly less conventional pearl creations. The necklace is a combination of freshwater and natural grey baroque akoya pearls with vermeil and rough diamonds. The bat and spider/web pendants are tahitian and...
  18. la_corsetiere

    My freshwater pearl rope (with a bonus)

    This was actually my first pearl-knotting project - a freshwater rope of varying colors, shapes, and sizes, about 60" long. I often wear it long and knotted, but in this photo, I have the rope quadrupled, temporarily secured with an antique art nouveau watch fob (couldn't pass it up on e-bay...
  19. la_corsetiere

    Found my Tahitian monsters!

    I know this is just a teaser, since I don't have photos yet, but wanted to report that I found my monster pearls in French Polynesia! Even an 18mm to celebrate my 18th anniversary. That one is dark green, also got a 17+mm in a champagne with rosy and greenish overtones, and another 17+mm in...
  20. la_corsetiere

    Do you think these are real?

    I recently purchased these 12.3mm round "Tahitians". When I received them, they looked absolutely perfect, gorgeous mirror luster, exactly like the photo, not the slightest flaw or imperfection...but they didn't pass the tooth test. I returned them, informing the seller that I believed they...