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Search results

  1. boo

    Looking for feedback

    I dragged out my beading stuff to help pass the time as I recuperate and was hoping for some feedback from you wonderful folks. My very favorite bracelet is a mixed round and keshi Tahitian. I have a SS keshi bracelet I don't much care for as it is a bit short, so I decided to make a mate for...
  2. boo

    vintage pearls

    I have a coworker who is from the Philippines. She has some jewelry that she inherited from her grandmother, and I am wondering if they might be natural pearls. She thinks (but isn't certain) that they are probably somewhere around 90 years old, and that they were collected by pearl divers...
  3. boo

    Tennessee rivers contaminated

    I haven't seen anything about this mentioned on the site - can I really be the only one who is just sick over this? On Dec 22, toxic coal ash was released near the Clinch and Emory rivers in Tennessee. http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/12/29/tennessee.sludge/index.html...
  4. boo

    abalone "island" pearl

    One of my Christmas presents came today, and I got to spend a little time with it before it gets wrapped and placed in my stocking. I had visited J Marcus' website to look at his work and saw 2 abalone mabe pearls on it that caught my eye. I was very torn, but ultimately decided on this one...
  5. boo

    beach Tahitian pendant

    Okay, after not touching my beading stuff for a while I have been starting to play with it again in anticipation of getting my bag-o-goodies from PearlParadise. Anyway, I made a new pendant a few days ago from a Tahitian I bought on ebay which had an ugly non-nacreous ring at the top. I decided...