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Search results

  1. Nora

    An Antique Necklace Said to be from 1820

    Sabina, a friend from Krak?w, brought my attention to this necklace. I?m sure it will arouse interest. According to a certificate with the necklace, it is made up of about five thusand natural pearls in 15 strands. The clasp is tested 15 carat gold, 2 cm. x 1.3 cm. The original box carries the...
  2. Nora

    Queen Jos?phine's Natural Pearl and Diamond Necklace

    http://www.sothebys.com/en/news-video/videos/2014/11/queen-josephine-natural-pearl-diamond-necklace.html This Magnificent Necklace was sold two days ago for 3,420,689.94 USD Composed of two strands of natural pearls measuring from approximately 6.25 to 8.45mm, suspending seven detachable drop...
  3. Nora

    The largest near-round natural saltwater

    Start saving! GIA Pearl Identification Report #2165503254 describes the Putilov pearl as a drilled natural saltwater pearl of the Pinctada species of oyster measuring 19.08 x 18.88 x 16.50mm. with no indication of treatment; near-round; white body color; orient overtone...
  4. Nora

    Early 19th century brooch (1830 - 1850) (?)

    This is up for sale at a Tel Aviv auction house for 400 USD. 15 kt. rose gold. 3 old cut diamonds. Basra pearls (one missing) and enamel painting on copper. Lot no. 2649 http://auctions.egozigallery.com/auction.asp?ID=60&Item=2649
  5. Nora

    A new super necklace of 20 - 28 mm. pearls

    This showed up in the local Israel press. Not enough information and the company hasn't posted anything on their site. Still, a matched necklace of 20 - 28 mm should be unbelievable. Kudos to Yvel. http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4402335,00.html
  6. Nora

    Sea of Cortez Harvest

    For all our Sea of Cortez aficionados photos of the most beautiful pearls: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Perlas-del-Mar-de-Cortez/197369430375379
  7. Nora

    Pearl-adorned mask on Lady Gaga

    From: http://omg.yahoo.com/photos/2-hot-2-handle-04-25-slideshow/
  8. Nora

    Dead Sea Pearls into Retail Markets

    Dead Sea Pearls into Retail Markets (Sodom, Israel) In a surprising move expected to revolutionize the fine gems market, Pearls of the Dead Sea (PODS) has announced a massive campaign to bring the rare and elusive Dead Sea Pearl into retail markets via the Internet. Dead Sea Pearl Reef...
  9. Nora

    Pearls for kattles?

    From Rutherford catalogue: http://www.rutherford.com.au/media/Company/Catalogue/xmas_catalogue.pdf Mikeyy?
  10. Nora

    Early Akoyas

    Those beautiful akoya pearls were bought in 1922. There are 99 pearls: the biggest is 7.5 mm. and the smallest 3.3.mm. I would appreciate any information about the number of farms in Japan or any place else before this year.
  11. Nora

    La Peregrina goes on world tour

    http://www.nationaljeweler.com/nj/fashion/celebrity-style-jewelry/article_detail?id=27084 I'm missing it by a month. :( :( :(
  12. Nora

    Me on Talk Show

    Me on a radio talk show, can you imagine? I had a five minutes conversation about pearls on Eliat's radio station (The Voice of the Red Sea). And I din't forget to put in a plug for P G as the most valuable source of info on the Web. Now I'm waiting for feedback. Thanks to everybody for all...
  13. Nora

    Natural pearls and much, much more

    http://www.christies.com/features/singing-bird-pistols-en-1422-3.aspx I'm speechless.
  14. Nora

    Stauer - TNSTAAFL?

    Does anyone know anything about the mail-order firm Stauer offering an 18" necklace of 5.5-6mm. pearls for free? www.stauer.com http://www.stauer.com/itemd.asp?ItemNo=17068