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    Vulonteer work at farm in French Polynesia

    Hello everyone friends, will be in Tahiti at January . Thinking to take a week off somewhere in a Tuamotu or another islands. I’m seaching a volunteer work in a pearl farm for bed and breakfast. I’m 35 years lady , living in Russia and travel by tourist visa. I’m not allowed official payment...
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    My Tahitian pearls

    Thank you so much for such nice words ! Mountings for pearls a have ordered on Etsy. It’s a silver 925 with a circons. I wearing pearls mostly every day . I put my favorite pearls to ring to make a look at them every empty mitute) and also very like a peacock drops pearls This is one of the...
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    My Tahitian pearls

    Hello everyone! My name is Elena , I live in Moscow Russia , but spend some month in Tahiti in winter . Two years ago I bought my first pearls - it was a loose pearls. Every time surprise of a veriety Tahitian pearls !
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    my pearls