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  1. J

    Sneak Peek at the new Freshwaters

    I've been away for too long (work, work, work) but am thrilled to come back and see these. Wow!
  2. J

    I'm getting something nice...

    I'm excited for you, Kelly! I got a tahitian keshi from Sarah a couple of years ago myself. You'll love it! Send us some pictures... John
  3. J

    Anna (cliclasp) Tabakhova's design/creation

    What a wonderful idea and realization of the idea. A great juxtaposition. Congratulations!
  4. J

    Sea of Cortez fan club

    What lovely pearls, Anna! Like Sheri and Caitlin, I think that the rough diamonds really look great with the pearls. I actually have a 15mm Tahitian pearl on a necklace with black rough diamonds. I like the combination a lot. With the colors you have on these, it would be fantastic.
  5. J

    More Man Pearls

    Thanks so much. It was fun and I had too many leather-cord-on-pearl necklaces.
  6. J

    More Man Pearls

    I bought a nice, round South Sea pearl from Jeremy ( and a couple of lovely, bumpy South Sea keishi pearls from Care Ehret (druzydesigns on eBay). Then a friend of mine who makes jewelry was able to pull it together with some of my findings and brown crystals to make this...
  7. J

    Pearl Farm in the Sea of Cortez

    How lovely! I've been reading your blog but seeing them again here just ma brings a big smile. The colors are fantastic - the blues, the purples. Oh my... I can't wait to see your 2010 necklace!
  8. J

    Kojima Pearl

    I just saw that wrapped and ss pearl necklace. I'm gobsmacked. I love the whole idea of wrapping the Tahitians. What wonderful work!
  9. J

    Cartier Exhibit San Francisco

    I love the pictures, but have to ask - what does one do with the tassles. They are gorgeous on the cat as a headress but doubt that was the intent. Surely they are not intended for a burlesque dancer :eek:
  10. J

    The wicked green drop souffle' pearl

    Beautiful, Blaire! I love the combination.
  11. J

    27mm Kamoka Tahitian Pearl!!!!!!!!!!

    Would be incredible if true!
  12. J

    Big ol' Tahitian

    I would love to have it, but can't figure what I would do with it (except look longingly at it!).
  13. J

    New Pieces from a New Studio!

    How fun is that - congratulations! I love the color (and the pearls are lovely, too!). I'm hoping to be in SF the end of May. If I make it, I'll check to see if you are there to play pearls...
  14. J

    Have you ever peeled a pearl -We Have and look what we got

    I love your videos - this one included. I subscribe on Youtube just so I can see what you put up next.
  15. J

    Big ol' Tahitian

    I was perusing on Kojima Pearl and saw this 16.9mm Tahitian. It's quite the specimen. I thought immediately of Sheri (La_Corsetiere) and her monster pearls. Large pearls like these are mind boggling - that's a big pearl considering the overall space...
  16. J

    Here's Fred!

    I am really taken by unusual pearl jewelry and this is really, really special. I adore Fred!
  17. J

    New Freshwaters

    I do love the look and thanks so much for the article!
  18. J

    Yet another BIG strand

    Thanks, GemGeek - the economy (or lack thereof) has kept me in my business! Unfortunately, my business isn't in pearls... It seems to me that almost anybody would be more than delighted to have that strand. She's a lovely girl and, while certainly not somebody who would normally be in...
  19. J

    Yet another BIG strand

    Now, those pearls on Eartha Kitt (or Tina Turner?) in a Blackglamma coat would be remarkable. Throw in some Louboutins and you have an image for posterity!
  20. J

    Article about cyclone Oli and how it impacts farming Tahitian Pearls in JCK online.

    Beautiful! Some of them look like circl? plums!