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  1. pearlescence

    Hi. I'm a pearl seller in Lancashire and a former (retired) academic (teaching law). What can I...

    Hi. I'm a pearl seller in Lancashire and a former (retired) academic (teaching law). What can I do to help and I would love to see the dissertation when finished. Email me at
  2. pearlescence

    Look at these amazing colors from freshwater edison pearls.

    Edison pearls are sometimes dyed. And sometimes they aren't. There are threads discussing this. I suggest you read the report by the GIA into their colour treatments.
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    Need an ID

    I have some very similar white south sea keishi. I bought a big lot a couple of years ago and have been making pairs ever since!
  4. pearlescence

    Vintage freshwater

    It might give a clue.Or might not! In any case the law on wild UK pearls is incredibly strict and strong. There's only one shop in scotland licenced to sell them, it is forbidden in any way to interfere with margaritifera in the wild in any river,or even where there might be some: or even...
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    Vintage freshwater

    They also look like a strand made up of really bad cultured freshwater pearls. Years ago I asked one of my suppliers to get for me a sample kilo of pearls straight from a farm. They showed me this - mostly pretty bad, a couple were grade A at best and these were the worst of the very poor
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    Please help ID a 2 strand/diamond bracelet we recently purchased....

    Not a hallmark. (see May be some sort of brand logo.
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    Please help me set some mismatched monster studs! 16.5-7mm Tahitian and WSS

    Yes, the backs can be filed down to make for a better fit to the cup and your ear. Suggest you find a pair of cups which are not too heavy. Thinking about the stock I hold, the silver are quite heavy with substantial metal thickness in the cup. You might need to go for gold - which will always...
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    Tahitians? I think not

    I've seen dyed akoya which are a uniform black. Real ink black. Funnily enough black dyed Akoya are not much around these days.
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    A really precious gift

    You didn't do it. Some numpty jeweller did. ( and hallmarking has been going in the UK since Edward I in 1300 (28 Edw. I c.20))
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    A really precious gift

    While it doesn't add anything to the information about this ring, for non-uk readers... Defacing a hallmark is a criminal offence
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    A really precious gift

    Is there a hallmark and if so what information does it give?
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    Pearls by the Bay 2024

    Steve, the pearls need a cup or flat surface to increase glue surface area. Just sitting on the bare peg with space underneath allows them to move and eventually the glue adhesion will fail, even if the solder joint of the peg doesn't due to stress/metal fatigue.
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    How Identify These Pearls in my Bracelet

    Peach is the default freshwater colour, so probably not dyed. Could be buttons, but very small and many not classic button shape
  14. pearlescence

    How Identify These Pearls in my Bracelet

    They are peachy coloured nicely lustrous freshwater keishi pearls. Not a huge value. If too big, size can be reduced by twisting
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    Chinese red fresh water Pearls

    What's really funny is that this shade of peach looks dreadful on nearly everyone's skin so good luck with the marketing spin.
  16. pearlescence

    Chinese red fresh water Pearls

    Who are 'they'? That is not red by any stretch of the language.
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    Pearl Factory

    I can remember how things changed from one Hong Kong show to the next. First show ..a few strands of natural colour akoya tucked apologetically to the side and incredibly cheap. Next show...bosh...lots and lots of natural colour pearls with soaring prices. Japanese sellers had spotted that...
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    Pearl Factory

    It is, totally, yuck.:sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick::sick:
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    Pearl Factory

    Do a search on Aliexpress for 'wish pearl'. thousands of brightly dyed freshwater pearls in obviously dead shells. Totally yuck.