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  1. CBPearllover

    White South Sea Pearl Studs from Pearl Paradise have arrived

    Simply gorgeous, they compliment your skin and hair color so well. I would have picked the same pair out of the two! Isn't this website great?;)
  2. CBPearllover

    New Chinese Ripple Look A-Like Kasumi Pearls

    Hey userangl, I enjoyed your posts on your akoya and tahitian necklaces! You've got good taste, and I can tell you've been bitten by the "pearl bug" ;) Just curious, have you received this strand of ripples yet? I'm a big fan of KongsPearl, and had THIS exact strand saved as a favorite. I'm...
  3. CBPearllover

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Thanks for posting these, SydK! I've always wondered how these work, they look great on you
  4. CBPearllover

    365 Days of Pearls

    I second that notion, Andrew! This is my go-to thread to unwind at night, I think I'm still at page 160? Eventually I'll make it to the end, I hope you're well BN. You're like a pearl Fairy Godmother to some of us ;)
  5. CBPearllover

    New Tahitian pearl ring

    Lovely, like it's sitting on a piece of coral. Very creative!
  6. CBPearllover

    New gss studs from Peaelescence

    You have great taste! I was actually eyeing the same pair last month, but held out for a gold baroque akoya strand instead. I'm so happy you posted pics and they stayed in the "pearl family." You've got the skin tone for golden pearls
  7. CBPearllover

    Help! New pair of blue akoya pearls

    Hey mrsadm, I'm curious to see how your project goes. I've seen some undrilled pairs of akoya through a few online vendors, and I've thought about making studs or top drill holes for dangle earrings. I've seen most sellers offer 0.8 or 0.9mm holes. If you don't mind, post to let us know how your...
  8. CBPearllover

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Oh wow, yeah that does not sound like fun. I've never used beading wire, but I've been needing an excuse to try. I know it's necessary to ream out pearls sometimes, but I've only done larger ones. And those reamers are so sharp WHOA :( Good information, thanks for the heads-up.
  9. CBPearllover

    Tennyo grade akoyas!

    I second Pattye on pics of any finds you had during your trip. Any one else do the conversion for that last necklace from Yen to USD? :eek: Holy guacamole!
  10. CBPearllover

    Andrew's Photography & Pearls

    This is so cool, Andrew. Thank you for taking the time to post this, and explain your thoughts! As a tragically Left-brained individual (medical profession, bio major, math tutor), I've always found mediums like photography very mystifying and intimidating. I've only experimented with natural...
  11. CBPearllover

    Show Me Your Fancy Color Metallic Freshwater Pearls!!

    Well in this picture it looks great! What size thread did you use? I was planning on knotting a necklace of smaller pearls (3-3.5mm) to use as a chain, and planned on using the thinnest Beader's Secret. Now I'm wondering if I have the patience...
  12. CBPearllover

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    This warms my heart, Marianne :) You're like my Mom, she purposely wears her biggest blingy-est bling when she sees my girls. She knows it fascinates them! Thanks Pattye and Charlotta, I love them so much I'm looking for an excuse to buy more! And oh Bweaves, your pearl ensemble is exquisite as...
  13. CBPearllover

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    So much catching up to do, I can't wait to see what everyone's posted the past few weeks! I was inspired by Sanippy to reach out to Pearlz Australia, and I'm SOOOO happy with the earrings Kathleen made for me! Many thanks!! These are the most wearable earrings I've ever had, I even wrestled a...
  14. CBPearllover

    Tahitian on Etsy???

    Hey Gemandpearlover! I'm so happy you're having a good experience! Just trying to pay it forward and offer help, because everyone else on here has dedicated a lot of time and effort to educate and share! I can't wait to see pictures of your strands, I was pleasantly surprised by Wen's customer...
  15. CBPearllover

    365 Days of Pearls

    Aaaaahhh, the only thing that gets me more than excited than pearls! Animals!! What a cool chicken :D I'm really excited about all the feather pearls Kojima is carrying, they would make great dangle earrings.
  16. CBPearllover

    Stolen Tahitians

    I'm so sorry Abi, it's such a violation to be stolen from. Years ago, our family had irreplaceable rings and pendants stolen from us (including my great-grandma's wedding ring). You have every right to be upset. It sounds like you really took pride in that strand :(
  17. CBPearllover

    Mikimoto Grade Comparison -- Take a guess!

    This was fun! Did anyone else note how strand 1 seemed to be a different color? I'd love for there to be more polls like this, I learn so much on this forum
  18. CBPearllover

    Head pin gauge size?

    Hey Pattye, I didn't see this until after I posted. I don't have any pictures, but I actually like using 25-26g wire/headpins from time to time. I ordered some once on accident (0.02inch/25-26g)! GREAT for small stones on wire-wrapping, I just keep the loops super small and only wrap around once...
  19. CBPearllover

    Head pin gauge size?

    You've probably already started the project, but I have a recommendation if you ever need to test out different wire/gauges. I recently made a rosary, and knew I wanted to use Argentium silver. I ordered 24-21g wire in various strengths (dead soft to hard), about 12 inches each piece. It was...
  20. CBPearllover

    New goodies! GSSP & blue akoya studs from Kathy!

    Beautiful pearls, you have great taste! And you've inspired me to reach out to Kathy, thanks for the enabling ;)