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    My collection

    I'd like to share with you my most recent purchases. The most recent are a pair of golden South Sea drops and a beautiful Golden South Sea necklace, both from Cees. The necklace has 12-14mm pearls and a 14k gold ball clasp. The earrings have 18k gold leverbacks. The golden color is deeper than...
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    Second chance pearls

    That's incredible! I'm mad for victorian starbursts! The pearls are wonderful and the clasp is fabulous!
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    My small pearl rainbow

    Welcome! A very beautiful collection!
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    Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

    I love your necklaces Linda, bravo!
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    New Tahitian Strands for November

    Fantastic pearls, and you have an impressive collection!
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Gorgeous pearls!
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    Ebay Find- Wilma Flinstone Tahitian Strand

    they're gorgeous!
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    Pearl Diary

    I love the keshi ring!
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    My collection

    I see that something went wrong with the pictures. Here they are: the studs the 4 pearls the earring jackets
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    My collection

    Today I'm showing you my first ever purchase from Pearl Paradise! I took advantage of the Halloween sale to purchase some fantastic items! Sorry but the pictures are not so good, I couldn't find the right light, the weather here in Italy is dreadful. The first is a pair of Akoya 7-7,5mm AAA...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Welcome to Cora, she's adorable and very elegant with the pearls!
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    My rainbow strand!

    That's an incredible necklace!
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    Pearl Confessions...

    You have a spectacular collection!
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    New multicolor tahitian necklace

    Grazie eolian pearls! Yes, it can be tricky to buy from Wen, and from Kongs too, sometimes I also had pearls that were nothing special. I learned that you must look carefully at pictures and read the description (they generally describe the quality of the luster, the imperfections, how is the...
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    My collection

    Today i'm showing you my first purchase from Pearlescence. I received it yesterday and I'm very very satisfied! I choose a very nice blue south sea pendant with sterling silver bail (here you can see it attached to my silver-light blue Akoya necklace) and a magnificent pair of 10,5mm Tahitian...
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    New multicolor tahitian necklace

    lisa c, thank you very much! seoulite, the price for my strand was only a little more, I payed it 240$
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    blue akoyas from cees!

    Fantastic pearls!
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    My collection

    This is a pair of earrings in sterling silver with silver-light blue akoyas and blue topazes. I've made them recently, and I wear them very often because they go very well with my working suit (which is blue, I work in an hospital). Sorry if the picture is not very good, and the silver needs...