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  1. Happy Huku

    What kind of pearls are these?

    As per the comments above, love the clasp. Glad you enjoy wearing them.
  2. Happy Huku

    Inherited grandmother's pearls, fake? real?

    What a good idea, you'll get to wear and enjoy. Hope you'll post some photos for us
  3. Happy Huku

    Help me understand this report please

    Umm, lots of funny little typos on the certificate, methinks not a genuine one...
  4. Happy Huku

    Poison Pearl history

    You learn new things everyday!
  5. Happy Huku

    My "Pearling" Story...

    I don't log in regularly to comment but I always enjoy reading the new posts in your pearling story, MOPTrumpet, and admiring your creations. What painstaking work with the sapphires, well worth it though.
  6. Happy Huku

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    I can't keep away from a regular look at everybody's marvellous treasures but it's been ages since I've actually logged in to comment. What can I say? Such fantastic pearls and worn so beautifully, thank you as always for sharing.
  7. Happy Huku

    Mums last wish but ive got no clue about pearls

    Hi, it is not easy finding someone to look at pearls in South East Queensland. I enquired about an appraisal for a friend and was told to try Penfolds in Brisbane CBD. We never got round to it so I can't comment further. However, I have had some dealings with Leonard Joel in Melbourne and found...
  8. Happy Huku

    My Pearls 2.0

    Love your happy, bright sweater!
  9. Happy Huku

    Looking for a match

    So sorry you lost your earring. Agree with BWeaves, treat yourself to a lovely new pair of earrings, there are some beautiful pearls studs around, and have the remaining earring made into a pendant. I lost one of my favourite earrings and have just had it incorporated into a clasp so I'm still...
  10. Happy Huku

    Mikimoto authorized dealers Australia

    I think they look lovely, how do they look on you?
  11. Happy Huku

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    As eolian says "Always a pleasure to stop by here!" Love all your beautiful pearls and marvel even more when I see the full size photos when I eventually do log in.
  12. Happy Huku

    My "Pearling" Story...

    Love your thread, MotherOfPearlTrumpet, your stories make great reading and of course it is a pleasure to look at all your beautiful pearls. I look regularly at the new posts but only log in to comment every now and again.
  13. Happy Huku

    My new auction strand!

    Thank you but it has been melted down to make the new clasp!!
  14. Happy Huku

    My new auction strand!

    And while I was getting organised with my auction strand, I also had my PP akoyas re-strung with my new emerald clasp that I'm very happy with as well. The story behind the emerald clasp - it was one of a well loved and worn pair of earrings. Sadly I lost one while out and about. My lovely...
  15. Happy Huku

    My new auction strand!

    How funny this thread gets a bump just as I collect my newly re-strung pearls... It took a while to get organised - I used my old sapphire clasp on the 'new for me' graduated strand and am delighted with the result.
  16. Happy Huku

    My Pearls 2.0

    We had a wonderful calico cat, she would've looked very special wearing your Calico Cat strand and bracelet! Love your thread as always
  17. Happy Huku

    My "Pearling" Story...

    Welcome to the forum and what a great thread. Thank you for sharing all your beauties, have always loved clasps and am enjoying your collection.
  18. Happy Huku

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Happy Happy 2023 to the Pearl-Guide Family. And thank you for sharing all your beautiful pearls with us, look regularly, log in irregularly... Love it!
  19. Happy Huku

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Love this thread, thank you for sharing all your beauties everyone and the lovely outfits, jpeg!
  20. Happy Huku

    I need help identifying these two strands…

    Lovely lustre on those white pearls, they must look great on. I'd say the clasp is a modern one.