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  1. LBoone

    I love these clasps-what are they called and other questions?

    I just call them clasps with end caps, but I'm sure they have a better name and hopefully someone will answer that!! ;-) But I did want to tell you that I have ordered several times from WenPearls and have found what I ordered to be exactly as described and the shipping time was reasonable from...
  2. LBoone

    Paula Crevoshay Trunk Show

    I am SO GLAD you will be getting it!! I do think it was meant to be!! I think you would have really regretted it if you had let it get away!! We need photos with your Ren Faire dress when you get it home!!!
  3. LBoone warning - they will rip you off - NOT akoya

    I saw that yesterday. Wow. I wonder if they know how much business they may have LOST by doing this. I had looked at some of their offerings on Etsy and might have given them a shot. Not now. I'll stick with Pearlhouse and Wen.....
  4. LBoone

    Paula Crevoshay Trunk Show

    I don't mean to tell you your business, BUT if you have the money you HAVE to have that enhancer! That is a once in a lifetime chance, at least it would be for me! Especially since it complements your Ren Faire dress!!!! (Can you tell I want to live vicariously through you???? If you do buy it...
  5. LBoone

    Pearls and clasps, in "Clasps – 4,000 Years of fasteners in Jewellery"

    This is so exciting! I definitely want an autographed copy! Please remind us when the ordering opens!! (Although I have it bookmarked now....)
  6. LBoone

    Dyed Pearls - Opinions?

    Actually everything I ever got from Honora was a hot mess! The "Tahitian" strands I will never part with, nor the pastel dyed one. Nor the "orange aide" strand! I still have a couple of strands of "circle" pearls, as they called them, that are sitting in my pearl stash with my beading supplies...
  7. LBoone

    Dyed Pearls - Opinions?

    I have a few strands of dyed freshwater pearls from Honora that I bought early on in my pearl buying life! Two of the strands are dyed in what I am sure was meant to imitate the look of a multicolor Tahitian strand. One of them is dyed in pastels. I have to admit it is quite pretty, but the...
  8. LBoone

    Matching pearls?

    I'm not matchy about wearing pearl earrings with strands, although I often do, I AM matchy about wearing only jewelry that is the same color as the metal color of the clasp with whatever pearls I am wearing. Like I can only wear yellow gold earrings if the findings on the pearl strand are...
  9. LBoone

    New Tahitians on the Way

    I would leave them as earrings at least for a while. They look really great on you. You can always change them later if you get tired of them as earrings! But I also really loved the layered pendant look, if you do change them I vote for 2 pendants rather than a pendant and a ring. And if...
  10. LBoone

    dm jewellery tahitian collection :)

    Daniel all of your work is beautiful but I LOVE those baroque rings! They are stunning!
  11. LBoone

    Tahitian Pearl Collection Becomes a Necklace

    That is really nice, and how special! I love a multicolored Tahitian strand.....
  12. LBoone

    Rescued pearls

    I don't know what kind of pearls they are, but you certainly made a "silk purse from a sow's ear" as they say! I would say your rescue job was successful!
  13. LBoone

    Fun stuff on the way!

    I've been pleasantly surprised with my purchases from Wen! Her photos are very accurate IMHO!
  14. LBoone

    how would you wear....

    I wear pearls with jeans and a flannel shirt, and I'm beyond a certain age!! ;-) When I wear really casual clothes, I tend to go with really classic pearls, like my white, round freshwater strand of average size or my smaller round white akoyas. For some reason, I think of my big freshwater...
  15. LBoone

    is the price right for this pearl?

    Maybe he's too busy trying to find out if any of his other pearls are a good deal......
  16. LBoone

    Convertible Necklace

    Here is one of my latest projects. The pearls are large, very cheap, FW pearls that I bought at a bead show. They have a lot of surface imperfections, but they were the right size for this project (and the price was right!) It is finished with a vermeil magnetic clasp, and the centerpiece was...
  17. LBoone

    PP Oct GSSP sale

    Ok, KaySD's photos did me in!! I'm saving up for next year starting RIGHT NOW!!! And then just hope they have another sale!!!!
  18. LBoone

    PP Oct GSSP sale

    OMG, those are gorgeous!!! I am SOOOOOO tempted but I overdid it on the White Tahitians!!!! Maybe next time! In the meanwhile I can just keep looking at the photos of yours!!!
  19. LBoone

    New to this forum...

    Wow! Those are beautiful, I love those lighter colors!
  20. LBoone

    Fiji Pearls

    I LOVE those 2 tone pearls!!! Justin: Best of luck on your harvest. I'll be looking forward to updates. and photos!! ;)