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  1. waimeamomi

    RIP Mike Rivers

    It does hurt. I have a couple of photos I will share, including the last time we saw him. Tom and I would like to be kept posted about any memorial service. Mikey was an authentic soul. There aren't a lot of them around. Love to you all.
  2. waimeamomi

    PEARLS BY THE BAY 2022 - MAY 15th

    Wish Tom and I could make it. Deep in the thick of school. Love to you and all our Pearly friends.
  3. waimeamomi

    RIP Mike Rivers

    Mikey was the best. A scholar and a gentleman. A pearl aficionado, musician and damn good scotch drinker. Best of all, he was a good friend and a good man. Tom and I are crushed.
  4. waimeamomi

    Best Outlet For 14K And Sterling Wire Etc??

    Also Bella Findings for your more straight forward stuff. Not the variety, but better prices. I'm spoiled from actually going into the store...
  5. waimeamomi

    Who wants to go to BALI?!?!

    I have entered. Thanks for giving us this opportunity. All the best holiday wishes for all the Pearl-Guide families and friends!!!!!
  6. waimeamomi

    Who wants to go to BALI?!?!

    I went on to take the course, but after I put the coupon in, it still said $599. I'm afraid to proceed, because after the fall I've had, that's ALL I need is to be charged $600. I don't have. HELP! Jeremy??
  7. waimeamomi

    Anyone going to Las Vegas in June??

    I'm considering it. Anyone?
  8. waimeamomi

    Who is attending the Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2016, July 29, 30, 31???

    Jeremy and Hisano, thank you once again for an amazing chance to gather! I am planning on being there, although this year it looks like it will just be me. Tom will be there in spirit!!
  9. waimeamomi

    Tucson Pearl Dinner - Who is going??? Respond Quickly

    Not going to happen this time....:(
  10. waimeamomi

    Hillary's Pearls

    Hope you got to see the Tahitian Keshi pearl necklace she was wearing in tonight's debate. Can anyone take credit for that one??
  11. waimeamomi

    Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Feb2016

    What night would dinner be?
  12. waimeamomi

    Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Feb2016

    I'm going to look into this...I would love to go finally. Caitlin - any recommendations on places to stay???
  13. waimeamomi

    Buyer and Seller Responsibilities Regarding Shipping

    I won't ship without insurance. Period. I charge it to the recipient and it is part of shipping costs. If you were buying on memo (look then return, you should pay for shipping and insurance. When I buy on memo I pay for insurance on the return, even if it's not required. I wouldn't...
  14. waimeamomi

    WE WON! Who wants to go to Fiji? :)

    Congratulations JulieBeth! Thank you Jeremy and Hisano for the opportunity, but even more for all the friendships, knowledge and fun I have gained since become a member of the Guide. On to 2016!!!!! xxxooo
  15. waimeamomi

    WE WON! Who wants to go to Fiji? :)

    Ha ha ha - I received my drawing tickets in the mail today!! Don't know why it took so long, but I'm assuming they new who had the numbers!!! I guess this will actually be my first drawing for the trip!!
  16. waimeamomi

    WE WON! Who wants to go to Fiji? :)

    I'll cross all the bridges if I come to them. Logistics be damned!!! I'd come crash the party on the 28th if I weren't going to be out of town!!!;)
  17. waimeamomi

    WE WON! Who wants to go to Fiji? :)

    Yes, please include me. I did try on my own, but thank you for the second chance. You guys are the best!!!!
  18. waimeamomi

    Fiji!!! I want someone here to go!

    Jeremy that's awesome for so many reasons. Supporting PG and supporting the CPAA and the work the do. I but 3 tickets, I got a debit from my account, but no tickets yet!! Hmmm.
  19. waimeamomi

    Fiji Pearl Safari Anyone?

    OK, me too. For a good cause!!
  20. waimeamomi

    Mysterious Blue "Pearl" ?

    I'm going to say South Seas, and perhaps a gassy one. I encountered some pearls similar to these some years ago and went through the old posts to find this picture. Does it look like you are looking through water to see the color? It's really amazing, and a great find. Someone was very smart...