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    Greenhills Tour

    Can you tell me the shops that had natural coloured deep gold SSP’s pls? Couldn’t shake my recent pearl fever.
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    Are these "Palawan golden south sea pearl" authentic and worth their selling price?

    Some retailers did tell me which were enhanced and which were ‘natural’, though you never know. I bought from sellers with a return policy, sold me the undrilled, locked up and hidden ones, took a while bargaining with me, so gained my trust. I was told to go get it checked and then return them...
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    Dyed or Naturally Colored South Sea & Tahitian Pearls?

    What about the pair of 12mm undrilled SSP’s and 14.5mm piece i bought recently in Greenhills? They looked like those in the above 12/13mm golden champagne pearl photo, taken out from the locker and bargained down to $250 each with certificate and return guarantee. Owner said they were...
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    Ebay Chinese Pearl Buying Adventure

    That’s why I don’t buy supposedly top pearls from these guys, only cheap strands for my DIY costume jewelry for presents. For $3-14 pearl strands, I still complain if they’re the wrong size, colour or quality, and I did get discounts or full refunds without returning them. If anybody can...
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    Philippines South Sea Pearl farms

    How to tell between natural colour and enhanced/treated colour in SSP? How to tell between natural colour and enhanced/treated colour in SSP? [is there any way of knowing whether a pearl has been enhanced or treated/tinted? When they say a pearl is natural, does it mean they weren’t...