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  1. Mitsucats

    nice Tahitian strands

    Oh boy, I'd love a few of those!
  2. Mitsucats

    Seeking extra pearls

    Hi, they're a mix, some round, some baroque. I think they look nice, hers a photo...
  3. Mitsucats

    New Earrings make me happy...

    I love those gold studs! Yummy!
  4. Mitsucats

    Tahitian Pearl Ring

    Very beautiful! Love the colors!
  5. Mitsucats

    Seeking extra pearls

    Sorry if I'm not posting in right forum. I'm looking for a mini strand to help finish a necklace. I need about 6 inches or so. I don't mind various colors, I like mixing colors, love them all anyone know of anyone selling some? Thanks!
  6. Mitsucats

    Pearl knotting with no tools

    Thank you gals! I will finish the mess I've made and wear it till better stringing material arrives!
  7. Mitsucats

    Pearl knotting with no tools

    Thank you so much for your help! Much appreciated. I'll take some pictures, my Fw pearls are not great quality, but a fun project. I did buy 2round & 2 baroque Tahitians at the gem & mineral show I went to lately. I'll take pics & post!
  8. Mitsucats

    Pearl knotting with no tools

    I was trying to make a necklace last night, the silk I have is the worst stuff! Keeps getting tangled, it's so fine I can go blind trying to see it (doesn't help I'm getting older, now need glasses to read) and at night...also I couldn't figure out how to get started. So, do I put all pearls...
  9. Mitsucats

    Need help finding Findings!

    thanks for the reply, i'll check that out. I am still waiting on my blue pearls. I ordered them a few weeks ago, but I in Canada, just hope the border is done playing with them soon! I will also look for some plastic thread to string some stretch bracelets. thanks!
  10. Mitsucats

    My new CC/Kojima strand!

    Very nice!
  11. Mitsucats

    Need help finding Findings!

    Really hating auto correct! I need to figure out best thickness for elastic plasticity thread to use to make stretch bracelets, average size you gals usually use.thanks.
  12. Mitsucats

    Need help finding Findings!

    Hi, i have a couple of projects to do. My friends keep giving me restringing to do for them, which is quite annoying, because once they give it to me they pester me frequently for the finished goods. Stressful I think. Anyhow, first, my project. I have some blue akoya Fw pearls from PP, 7mm...
  13. Mitsucats

    Thoughts on this rope strand?

    I have a white 100" rope from PP and I just love it. I also have a shorter (60"?) multicolor rope from PP and I love that too. I would just LOVE a lavender one. Have to wait on the next big sale. They are gorgeous your new pearls, enjoy!
  14. Mitsucats


    They are a beautiful keepsake. Keep them and wear them.
  15. Mitsucats

    My white metallic freshwater strand, 8-8.5mm

    Ok, thank you for the kind reply Jeremy!
  16. Mitsucats

    My white metallic freshwater strand, 8-8.5mm

    Hi, I wonder if you will be able to get some more? I tried to buy some earrings last night but they were gone! I hope some more will be available. I'd like a 22" necklace, and some of those gorgeous earrings. Anyhow, just thought I'd ask, thanks. Cats
  17. Mitsucats

    Jewels salvaged from Titanic to go on view

    Wow! Would I love to go see that!
  18. Mitsucats

    Baroque Tahitian Strand from PP

    I love them both, and the silver clasp is gorgeous, I've bookmarked that site! Enjoy them they are lovely!
  19. Mitsucats

    Metallic white pp pearls

    Oh we'll, I thought there would be more of those smaller ones, 7mm or so. Darn now I'm sad.
  20. Mitsucats

    Can't Stop Drooling !!!

    Those are beautiful! I've bought from you on ebay, and they are some of the prettiest pearls I own. Peachy pink freshwater (I think I'm no expert) . I'll have to take some photos to post.