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    Exotic Strands Are Coming!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How do these metallics compare to the Freshadamas? I bought a multicoloured Freshadama strand for my wife a few years ago, and I wonder if she would enjoy a metallic strand as well, or if it would be a little redundant. I think some of you own both - how would you say the metallics compare to...
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    Sources for high quality CFWP loose/temporary strands

    I found quite a lot of the strands you are looking for at a local Chinese importer, among the silk dresses, hello kitty keychains, and painted vases typical of such shops. Check if you have one in your area. If you have a local Chinatown, you probably have one.
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    Because of this forum ...

    The lavender ones are not Freshadama. For some reason they look rounder in the picture than the actually are, but they have beautiful orient which does not come across in the picture at all either. Like most people on this forum, I will take off-round with orient over round with orient any...
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    You are all incorrigible! OK, I ordered one too. My wife wanted a pink strand and there were mostly pink strands left, so I figured it was her destiny. She says her current baroques get the most comments and attention, although she loves the...
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    They are all so beautiful - what causes the differences in prices? Is it by colour, size, symmetry, orient, luster, or matching? Or a combination of factors?
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    Because of this forum ...

    My wife now has some very nice pearls. These are her favourites. Please excuse poor photography and a cheap camera. From Pearl Paradise, the classic 7-8mm AAA white freshwater set. Everyone has these and they aren't exciting, but they are timeless, beautiful, and always appropriate. Also...
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    buying from a local Chinese importer

    Whoops, I meant to post this in Freshwater. My mistake. You're right Caitlin, it does seem like this is an opportunity to learn now to string pearls and try out a few designs of my own.
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    buying from a local Chinese importer

    I found some very nice pearls at an unexpected source, and I was wondering if anyone else has had similar experiences. Here in downtown Windsor we have one of those Chinese import places that you see in most cities. Run by recent Chinese immigrants, the store features things like hand painted...
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    Blood Diamond

    Buy Canadian diamonds! Nobody gets hurt, everyone is paid a fair wage, and most importantly, it provides jobs for our Northern native peoples who are struggling to keep their culture, traditions, and way of life alive in their remote Arctic homeland. The Canadian diamond industry is a terrific...
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    Are off rounds still of similar value...

    I like seeing at least a few off-round pearls in every strand, because it reminds me they are a real, natural product. And of course everyone will know they are not imitation pearls. I can't answer your question about value, but I do agree that the roundness of a pearl is less important than...
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    Are These Biwa Pearls

    Great picture. What size are they?
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    A stand against Dirty Gold

    why not stainless steel? why not stainless steel? High quality stainless steel is, like gold, non-staining, non-reactive, and does not irritate the skin. I don't see why clasps need to be gold at all. Its the pearls that matter, right? Stainless steel jewelry is growing in popularity and...
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    Help - Ebay Listings

    I like how the second seller clearly explains in their other auctions what their Majorica pearls really are, so the buyers are not deceived by the name. That shows some honesty and integrity.
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    matching pearls with complexion

    the conclusion the conclusion In the end I bought her two strands, one white and one multi-coloured. It seems that silver-white, cream-white, and lavender look the best on her. The pink gets washed out a bit by her skin tone. But basically they all look great. In the future I will pay...
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    Maybe the oyster likes it

    I know this is just a whimsical discussion, but I don't agree with projecting human thoughts and emotions onto shellfish. They don't have brains or thoughts. They are a crop to be harvested, and feel as much as an apple on a tree or a stalk of corn in a field.
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    Apocolypto Pearls

    I noticed in the recently released movie Apocolypto, that the 15th century, pre-contact Mayan Indians were wearing black pearls as body jewelry (although not in the same manner we do, naturally). Was this speculation, or is there some evidence that the Mayans collected pearls and wore them...
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    NYT on Males with Pearls

    Combs wears a lot of sharp, sharp stuff, all custom made by the best with the best materials. That's unusual, it is amazing how many wealthy celebrities wear clothes that either don't fit properly or are second rate - expensive, but second rate. If you are thinking of showing him cufflinks...
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    matching pearls with complexion

    I found the thread! Here it is: And it is great, answers my questions. I think my solution is: buy her lots and lots, in different colours and overtones, so she has something to go with everything.
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    matching pearls with complexion

    My wife has red hair, green eyes, very fair skin and freckles. What types, colours and overtones should I concentrate on for buying her pearls?