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  1. dkan 168

    Olivia de Havilland

    R.I.P. to probably last of the Hollywood greats of that era. DK :(
  2. dkan 168

    Longevity of CFWPs

    Hello back everyone. Yup, I am still collecting Jams, as I love them! This little pearl was with me as it was on the key ring with my house keys. However, I do not believe I took it out to share as it was nothing special. Would love to come over again for another Ruckus and to pay PP a visit...
  3. dkan 168

    Help shopping?

    I have bought inexpensive pearls from Wen Pearls on Etsy too, including Tahitians. DK :)
  4. dkan 168

    Longevity of CFWPs

    It came with me to LA in 2016 for certain! DK :)
  5. dkan 168

    Longevity of CFWPs

    Hello PG, Long time no visit, hope everyone is OK and coping under the current crazy circumstances. I thought I would share this photo with you, to demonstrate the durability and longevity of CFWP. This little pearl is the remnant of the one I wire-wrapped myself back in 1997, and it had...
  6. dkan 168

    Help choosing between Freshadama strands

    The strand on the right for me too (and would change the clasp to white metal as I only wear white metals). DK :)
  7. dkan 168

    Tahitian rope!

    Great effort and very nice necklace, thanks for sharing! DK :)
  8. dkan 168

    Sea of Cortez Mabe Tie Clip

    Lovely present, thanks for sharing. DK :)
  9. dkan 168

    A marriage made on the web ....

    Very cute, thanks for sharing! DK :)
  10. dkan 168

    2016 CPAA Fiji Trip Report

    Looking forward to the next instalment. DK :)
  11. dkan 168

    Show us your Black Friday Purchases!

    Nothing, as I am skint due to tax bills! DK :rolleyes:
  12. dkan 168

    Too large to wear?

    I too would wear one of the larger ones on its own as a pendant. DK :)
  13. dkan 168

    Too large to wear?

    Can't tell by photos alone, I would need to try them on to see how they sit on my chunky neck. DK :)
  14. dkan 168

    Matching pearls?

    As mentioned in the thread, I prefer mix instead of match. If I wear white SSP necklace, I would not wear pearls in my ears, and the ring on my left hand would either be a coloured stone or a different pearl type or colour such as a SoC or black Tahitian. I have a set of earring jackets that...
  15. dkan 168

    New South Sea necklace with a 20mm centre

    Love it, thanks for sharing! DK :)
  16. dkan 168

    i have a dumb question

    Thanks for the feedback. DK :)
  17. dkan 168

    Diamond Huggies With Interchangeable Pearl Drops

    I wire-wrap my own drops so that the loops just big enough to pass the earrings. DK :)
  18. dkan 168

    First time knotting

    Great job, and the pearls look lovely on you. DK :)
  19. dkan 168

    i have a dumb question

    I believe they are one and the same, however, I could be wrong; and would like to hear the response to OP's enquiry via Etsy. DK :) P.S. There is a way to list items for selection individually, I have not worked out how to do it yet as I seldom sell; however, I have seen this feature in a...
  20. dkan 168

    Diamond Huggies With Interchangeable Pearl Drops

    The pearls were full-drilled and I made the loops using Argentium head pins purchased from Rio Grande (I did not want to waste the 14K WG head pins as my wire-wrapping skill was rather rusty). DK :)