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    Need an ID

    I tend to believe these are WSS keshi pearls at the first sight for no reason...
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    Is this worth its price?

    Photo looks like cmw’s. I always trust their quality and pricing.
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    SSP vs FWP

    They look like SSP to me as well. The price has gone up so much in the past couple of years. A friend of mine bought a strand of WSS from this vendor about 3 years ago, and got better pearls for slightly less price. I'm not saying this particular vendor was raising the price, it's the whole...
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    These are freshwater, right?

    I vote for freshwater.
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    I need some help please

    Thanks for your translation, @Pearl Dreams! It looks like a typical Osmena nautilus shell cabochon to me. The 3rd picture shows the pattern of the shell. I like your 1st picture, very pretty.
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    Beautiful ring... "IRID PLA" should be Iridium Platinum alloy. There is plenty info online about this alloy for jewelry. My wild guess about the pearls is Akoya and color-treated Akoya. How big are they? Any info when she bought this ring?
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Yes, it can be.
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    How much is this worth?

    OMG I wish it never touched acid juice or your teeth - in its original perfect condition it would be worth a LOT! Still a lucky find though. Beautiful pearl.
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    Jason Momoa tahitian pearls

    It's a bit funny how small the pearls look on him. :ROFLMAO:
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    I need help identifying these two strands…

    First glance of the white strand I thought freshwater buttons, but the extraordinary shine quickly made me suspect - any chance they are imitations? The black strand looks dyed freshwater to me, because of the shapes. They do have beautiful luster, too!
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    Necklace with sapphire beads

    I believe these are Chinese freshwater pearls. Beautiful design!
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    Are These Keishi Pearls? I bought them in the Philipines about 10 years ago but not sure if they’re Keishi or FWP…?

    I think these are FWP, mostly dyed. The luster looks fresh though, not like 10 years old at all. :D
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    Exception to the rule?

    Wow! Please do update if you get them tested. Beautiful luster!
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    Join Jeremy Shepherd & Antoinette Matlins today at Noon Pacific

    Hmm, I hope it was recorded... :smile:
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    Bleached Pearls

    Oh my goodness... I feel sorry for the pearls... :frown: Many pearls seem to have the underneath layer of nacre exposed where the powdered nacre went away and left holes. If I were you, I might try using the smoothest side of a nail buffer to buff off the white powdering coating and hopefully...
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    I.d. on baroque pearls? I cant figure out how to post text, so will comment in thread with details, thanks!

    They definitely look like nucleated. Given the size, they might be nucleated baroque freshwater or baroque Akoya pearls. My first intuition was nucleated freshwater (as you have quoted below), yet the luster whispers to me that they are baroque Akoya - but still I am not so sure, as I don't see...
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    Buying a pearl strand in an auction?

    Beautiful colors. I wonder how the picture was taken ‘cause there’s not even the camera’s black reflection in any of the pearls. Would love to see an image if you win the auction.
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    What Pearl is This?

    IMHO it looks like an imitation. But interested in hearing your story how the Queen gifted it to you - did she or Sir Edward Young personally handed it over to your hands or what?
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    Freshly Bought Pearl

    Holy! Thought "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" was the pearl's grade :shocked: until I saw the "H" :lmao:. Sounds like a cool pearl. Please remember to share a pic or two once you receive it.
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    Welcome! They look translucent to me, and that makes me think of chalcedony if they are heavy. Another wild guess is milky glass. Have you tried the teeth test? That usually does the trick. :32: