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    Michelle Obama Here's another good one-- I'm also tall and broad-shouldered, so I always like seeing what the first lady wears. Here she is in a single strand of large white pearls and an off-the-shoulder burgundy wool flannel...
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    Way to go PP!!!!

    I LOVE these, too. So special! I'm thinking about one for my 7 YO Goddaughter. She's a lifelong Democrat <G> who helped her parents campaign. Just don't know which color she'd prefer....
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    Free Pearls Contest

    My guess is 114.
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    Who's excited for the PP Monday?

    I'll be at work when the sale starts, but I'm sure there will be some goodies left for me by the time I can check a computer! I don't have any Tahitians yet, so that's what I'll be eyeing!
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    Tin cup pearls better than a full strand?

    I LOVE that, Jeremy! As a lot of other people have said, sometimes a full strand feels too dressy for a more casual workplace. (I teach college English at a large public university.) I think especially in the summer months, a "tin cup" style provides an appropriately "light" look. I have...
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    Cigar Box

    My violin case has a hygrometer-- I wonder if I should be storing my pearls in there? Perhaps Fred (my violin) would enjoy the company... :D
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    Stop me before I spend again...

    Oh, this is really lovely! Both the pearls and the goldwork are amazing. After seeing references to her work on this forum, I've been perusing her eBay site; I crave some of the sea of cortez earrings. What kind of necklace will you wear this on? The pearls that you showed, or a chain...
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    My First Pearl Purchase (PearlParadise)

    What a great choice! Now-- for Valentine's Day, matching earrings! (Maybe even a size bigger-- 9-9.5mm.)
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    Diamond equivalent of

    I do! I have a wonderful online diamond merchant; I've purchased several things from him. Although his specialty is colored diamonds, especially yellows, all but one of the pieces I've bought has featured colorless stones. His forum is a friendly place; the rules...
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    Natural Color Akoya Pearls

    I think I'm good. She doesn't have pierced ears, plus I have as leverage A) her Christmas gift, an emerald-cut diamond ring with sapphire side stones, and B) her yearly cancer survivorship present-- I've started getting her an annual "something yellow" as a sort of upgrade from the yellow...
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    Natural Color Akoya Pearls

    My parents were up here visiting today, and I showed these to my mom... she is buying me a pair of the earrings and a strand of the baroques for Christmas. I just placed the order. I am really excited, and I'm looking forward to seeing them in person (but less excited about then handing them...
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    Single Strand at Christies (Highlight)

    Thanks so much for sharing this! The thing is, with a graduated strand, you'd always want the clasp to be at the back, right? This is an *incredible* diamond (I love cushions shaped like this <sigh>), and it would hardly ever show. Seems like a waste. Also, I think the diamond competes with...
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    Tahitians for Blondes?

    The followup: We needed to go to "the city" today to pick up an ottoman I had special ordered ages ago (and kinda forgotten about :rolleyes: ). While there, I went to a fairly upscale B&M jeweler to look at Tahitians "in person." They had three strands of Mikis in three different overtones...
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    Tahitians for Blondes?

    Thanks so much, y'all! If there's a consensus here, I guess it's that I really need to try on some pearls! I doubt I'll get much of a selection at nearby B&M stores, though. Still, even a strand or two would give me SOME idea! --Robin C.
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    Tahitians for Blondes?

    I am a new member. This all started because I wanted a pair of larger earrings to go with a small strand of Akoyas I inherited. So I decided to do a bit of research, which may have been a mistake ;) . I had no idea what varieties of pearl lovelies were out there. I still haven't selected my...
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    Baroque Akoyas

    New member New member Hi! I'm a new member-- all I wanted was a larger pair of pearl earrings, so decided to do a little research, and here I am. I still don't have the pearl earrings, because there were a few more choices than I thought <LOL>. So I'm still debating Freshadama versus Akoya...