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    New and less new pearls

    Gorgeous! Too kill for pearls .....wear them as much as possible.....make people jealous
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    Empress Alexandra Princess Alix of Hesse

    Share more old photos. I would love to see mor.
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    Mixing Pearls With Other Stones

    I bought Perl’s on a wire back in 1999. It was an illusion necklace. When I tried to remove the pearls and use them for another necklace I found I could not get them off. Were they glued? How did the person do that.? The wire was .018. ,
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    Please help: Wedding pearl "emergency"

    What is the size of the pearl? If it doesn't clean up well can you replace the pearl? The engagement rings is lovely.
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    First try at a triple

    Gorgeous. I love the mixture of colors and the luster is lovely
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    2 eBay Questions this morning... One I think I know

    I agree. The prongs don't look right. I would hesitate to buy the rings. Is the nacre scracjed or is the photo
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    I got the blues - from Cees

    They are beautiful. I love the hues. I like the length as it shows the peals many colors and the white shirt off sets the pearsl shape. The luster is to die for
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    Newbie beader making newbie mistakes (and making things illogically harder)

    Using seed pearls Using seed pearls Sometimes when I am working with seed pearls, I will use an instrument to slightly enlarge the hole. Sometimes it works and other times I lose a pearl. I use a size 10 needle with wildfire thread that is for 6-10 lbs. The pearls are less than 3mm.
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    Orient and freshadama/mettalic freshwater questions

    I did not see this picture before. The colors are amazing as the luster.
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    Knarly WSS Baroques - opinions, please

    If, if they were mine.....big if , I wouldn't use spacers. I think the pearls are gorgeous by themselves. They don't require dress-up .... The pearls can stand alone.
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    Comparative pearl sizes-- how much difference does 1mm larger really make?

    I am also taken with you math skills. Congrats . The information is of interest
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    Red Carpet Ready

    Lovely. Exquisite. The pearls appear like a white mink hugging her arms. The graduated pearls, the way they hang is so CoCo Chanel. The earrings are nice but they don't match the cream pearls . Who is the designer?
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    Lydia Courteille Jewelry

    The earrings are beautiful. I love the colors. The intertwined snakes make me sense the story of Adam and Eve, a snake teasing a snake.
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    AAHHH! New Adoption - Octo Mermaid Playdate & Hippocampus!

    Love it the sea horse. The pearls are fantastic.
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    Mermaid Rope

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    Mermaid Rope

    That is a great idea! It also save time.
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    Mermaid Rope

    I love the necklace. The pearls are beautiful. I have had the string snap at the finish.... bummer. When you restring your grandmother's, I would love to see them.
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    Natural black south sea pearls

    I have actually not once put them on. I look at them as they are beautiful. In some ways I fear if they were to fall off my husband would hate me! I have shown them twice to groups and then back to safe. I don't think my husband understood why his wife asked for Natural black south sea pearls...