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    gold peach metallics FWP

    I didn't get them! I was leaving the country in a week and though PP expedited the package, it was caught in some weird postal loop that went back to LA instead of Boston where I was at. PP did offer to post them for free to Singapore (where I am currently at now) but PayPal refunded me before...
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    How big is too big? (A PSS problem...)

    Ressurecting this thread cause I found fellow pearl lovers in Singapore! :) I came to discover the wonder of pearls last year and I recently just came back to Singapore after a 7 year stint in the US (bye bye free shipping from PP). I'm learning so much from all of you wonderful ladies in this...
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    gold peach metallics FWP

    you have been so helpful!! I've emailed PP and the rep agreed they are metallic whites, and I can either keep them or get them exchanged for the metallic gold-peach. I've decided to get the intended metallic gold-peach. Will post photos when I receive them! :o
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    gold peach metallics FWP

    Here are more photos! I do see a subtle difference on the white background...
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    gold peach metallics FWP

    I received gold peach metallics from PP in the mail today! I expected them to be more 'gold' :confused: but they are so pretty IRL, I just gotta keep them (or give it to my mum :p)! They are very similar to the white metallics I got a few months back. Could you guess which one's which (white vs...
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    my engagement ring

    I received this ring earlier this year and sparked off my love and interest for pearls!! Ended the year with taking pearls as one course and making my boyfriend (or fiancé) buy me some christmas strands from PP ;) I have been lurking in this forum for the past year and it has been such a...