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    Tips requested on starting a (very small) online business

    Merry Christmas Douglas and Patty! Hope that you and your families are keeping well. :) Thanks again for the tips, very useful, especially on checking local laws on hygiene and returns and how to deal with potential fraud and theft. Patty, you are right - I'm not yet up to the task of matching...
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    Tips requested on starting a (very small) online business

    I googled this and the first reference was to a Christie's auction! That's quite a book!
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    Tips requested on starting a (very small) online business

    Thanks very much Douglas! :) I've done the Pearls as One Course, but shall do it again to refresh my memory. I was doing a little more research and saw that Pearl Science Lab also holds short courses in Japan (temporarily suspended due to the pandemic), focused purely on Akoya pearls. In the...
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    Tips requested on starting a (very small) online business

    Hi guys, Apologies in advance if this is not the right forum… I was looking for some tips / advice on starting a pearl retail business. I know that many of the members here are also sellers and it's understandable if you need to protect business knowledge, but I am in a region of the world...
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    Where to buy hanadama pearl necklace

    The dealers that the others have mentioned have been vouched for by many other members of the forum. If you are in the US, I believe they offer free returns, and they should be quite helpful in selecting strands and sending you pictures of actual strands. If you are not in the US, see if you...
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    Christmas came early!

    Beautiful! It looks lovely on your finger
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    The Goddesses of earring jackets!

    They look very lux!
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    South seas tin cup!

    Gorgeous! Hope you get to wear them very soon!
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    Fallen in love with (slightly?) Baroque Southsea Pearls

    All along I've been thinking that I was a strictly perfectly-round-pearl kind of girl, except for perfect drop shapes. Then I saw these (2015) pictures of fashion blogger Peony Lim's gorgeous statement pearl earrings and headpiece that she wore for her wedding. They look like south sea baroques...
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    Mikomoto vs Pearl Paradise comparison-- HELP!

    My equally untrained eye thought that the luster of the mikis was just a smidgeon better, but they are also significantly smaller and I think it gets harder to get good luster as the pearl size goes bigger right? Nevertheless, the neck shot proves that the PP strand is perfect for you and...
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    Blue Akoya Fingernails!

    Amazing nails! They capture the "rainbow" sheen that I think I see on your pearls
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    Maki-e...spectacular pair!

    I can't stop staring at these... the colours are so perfect and really makes the left pearl pop
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    My small pearl rainbow

    Loving your blues and also the golden-peach studs
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    Jewelmer - 2020 Philippines June and July

    Amazing pearls. Wish I could see them in real life!
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    WSS or Freshwater

    Exactly, so I declined her offer. She actually claimed to have one but didn't send a picture. I told her that I was open to viewing them first (with the mind to request she go to a local gem lab if the cert looked suspicious to me), but she seemed very keen to close the trade without letting me...
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    WSS or Freshwater

    Hi Pearl Dreams, In both cases the sellers say its solid gold, not plated. in #2 the seller claims they are diamonds too - asked her for a cert when she asked to trade but she didn't provide any. Which are ones you think look like SSP? Trying to get better at recognizing :) to clarify, both...
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    WSS or Freshwater

    Hi everyone, I came across these two sets of earrings on local consumer sites, both with sellers claiming them to be WSS. Neither seem to be but would be great if experts can chime in. I've not bought from either of them nor seen the pearls irl so just taking photos that they've already...
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    Your Opinion Please! First pearls purchase

    Also, when you say retail, do you mean the likes of shops in a mall or the likes of PP? Thanks!
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    Your Opinion Please! First pearls purchase

    Hi Katbran, Elisha Thanks very much for your advice :) The earrings do come with the gold backing. Since I ended up paying retail, I guess I will take everyone's advice and wait till the fair or check out the trusted online vendors here (asking PP about the same type of pearls Missy posted...
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    Your Opinion Please! First pearls purchase

    Thanks guys. CrazyMissy, I actually wrote in to them asking about yours and they told me it's back in stock :) waiting to see if they will have one that I really like. I also checked out Golay Pearls - noticed that you and quite a few others have bought from them. I get what everyone else is...