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  1. pattye

    Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

    Linda, the necklaces turned out beautifully, congratulations! Great clarity and silky smooth gemstones have a very zen quality.
  2. pattye

    Need an ID

    Hmm, my first thought was SS keshi. Probably the the logo relates to the brand of the finding. Are these supposed to be vintage earrings?
  3. pattye

    Fake, Imitation, Laguna, Faux, Majorica, Majorcan, Swarovski Pearl Photos, Stories

    BrendyKY, these are some lovely pearls! Thanks so much for your knotting supply orders! Freshwater cultured pearls have come a long way!
  4. pattye

    Help identifying/evaluating vintage inherited pearls

    Yes, I agree, imitation pearl. Look at how identical the reflections are and shapes so consistent. The first place to look when suspecting imitation pearls is at the drill holes. On vintage strands there is usually peeling or there can be a build up of paint like swirls around the drill...
  5. pattye

    Pearl Fashion Article - June is the Queen of Gems month

    You made me lol, Steve! This is truly a terrible photo! (Not a ring I'd wear either.) Surely it doesn't do the pearl justice; I have an inexpensive bracelet with golden mop plaques that are beautiful!
  6. pattye

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Some bunny (s) are hanging out at Kojima Pearl's Studio! I'm jealous!
  7. pattye

    Help Identify & Possible Value if any?! THX

    Hi LauraJewelsMary, Took a look at your photos, my thoughts ~ Red are stone beads of some sort, possibly dyed quartz, like an agate. No real value 3 roundish white beads, possibly mother of pearl cut from shell 3 long beads, the back side shows the bead nucleus, these are freshwater mabe cut...
  8. pattye

    Information please

    It's a plus that these pearls are all nacre!
  9. pattye

    Can I extract this pearl?

    Interesting! We will be curious to see what you do with this.
  10. pattye

    Can I extract this pearl?

    ~ What I'm getting for my Birthday! Thanks so much, Steve!
  11. pattye

    Are these really Mikimoto?

    A Breaker, I prefer to knot between each pearl; seems like it protects each pearl from abrading each other plus knotting will add about 1 inch in length, which is helpful for some of us! If I was stringing for a client, I'd do as they requested, of course. What is your preference?
  12. pattye

    Are these really Mikimoto?

    What a lovely find! Looks like the real deal to me. Many of the vintage graduated Miki strands we've seen here are only knotted between the last few pearls.
  13. pattye

    Tahitians? I think not

    Many dyed freshwater have a purple/dark blue body color. Some Tahitians can also have aubergine overtone. Photos taken with pearls against a white paper towel might show the color more clearly. It looks like your camera may have focused on your hand instead of the earrings.
  14. pattye

    Tahitians? I think not

    Most likely bead-nucleated freshwater pearls. Saltwater pearls are naturally more valuable and very seldom dyed, especially in this dark color.
  15. pattye

    Tahitians? I think not

    Yeah, probably not Tahitians. Appear dyed. Not seeing overtones. What size? Difficult to tell from the photo. These could be fun restrung as bracelets and mixed with crystals, gemstones or other pearls. There are very few pearls I consider worthless!
  16. pattye

    Do pearl types differ in weight?

    Our brilliant Pearl Dreams worked some higher math a while back to show us how much larger in volume a 1mm change can be. It will definitely affect the weight of the pearl, if they are cultured pearls. Imitation pearls will vary in weight, probably somewhat lighter. Faux pearls are good for...
  17. pattye

    Golden Mikimotos arrived...

    I'm late to the party, but the necklace is fabulous, congratulations!
  18. pattye

    A really precious gift

    What a lovely story; you have a treasure!
  19. pattye

    Help Identify Vintage Pearl Bead?!

    What pretty beads and I agree with those who say they're dyed quartz. The pockets of dye build up are clearly seen in the enlarged photos.
  20. pattye

    Any advice on stringing double strand of pearls?

    Do you have a bead board with the u-shape channels? They can really help when laying out the pearls to restring or redesign.