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    I want Kamala Harris' pearls Black pearl says I want to speak and white says I am listening
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    Oldest Pearl Farming Town for Sale in Western Australia

    Daily Mail: Abandoned TOWN for sale: Historic pearling site with a lighthouse, store, school hits the market.
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    a few interesting short pearl articles from the latest G&G

    Thank you for consolidating. I guess there is a demand for verification of pearl.
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    Blockchain authenticity of Pearls

    Sorry, this isn't a service yet, just a brain storming session. The lab equipment can cost a few million for sequencing, and verification, so I haven't really jumped into starting this business yet. Can someone eyeball this?
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    Blockchain authenticity of Pearls

    I suspect it would help the resale value as well.
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    Blockchain authenticity of Pearls

    This is the trend at the moment, and I think it's something that honestly all pearl collectors should demand for because the security and trust is built into the pearl. And that separates it from a diamond or a Chinese pearl.
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    natural pearls pacific : FANTASTIC !

    Where is this pearl from? Which oyster?
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    Cozumel Pearl Farm?

    As a diver, I was very disappointed with the marine life in Cozumel. It was completely dead, and bleached. Very sad to see this under water.
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    Blockchain authenticity of Pearls

    Dobo not DODO. The city of Dobo started its economy in 1850s by trading pearls: This is a Mini DNA sequencer, and gone are the days that sequencing would require layers of gel scanned into a PC...
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    COVID Blessing to Pearl Production

    I can agree with that, since grafting at the moment, is a work of art. But computers can also do art. ;)
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    Whitening of pearls

    Very curious to find out the spectrum of light that goes out of the pearl with the excitation frequency that goes into the pearl. And see if this is the same everywhere. Is that your voice in the video?
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    Second hand pearls drenched in perfume

    So I found what works very well, are those charcoal filters from the aquarium. It's about $3, and typically used to filter fish tanks. Just open the bag and put your pearl in the bag of it along with a cup of rice. This will pull the water out of the pearl , and the charcoal will absorb it.
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    COVID Blessing to Pearl Production

    The salt water is a killer.. Even if you made everything to be rustproof, most of these machines need to run in a cleanroom BSL-2 or BSL-3 lab. The smallest bit of salt in the air could move the calibration off by a micron. Those are very good points. Actually, x-ray and image recognition...
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    Blockchain authenticity of Pearls

    Hi CortezPearls, thanks for the warm introduction. DNA analysis can be quite costly but protocols can be written to make the process cheaper. Just like when COVID testing started, the prices were around $300 per test, but that has greatly reduced. Now it's hovering around $90, with the most...
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    COVID Blessing to Pearl Production

    My next question, why hasn't grafting been automated? We have vacuum cleaners automated, surgical procedures done remotely, and robot police. Seems like a good time to advance this field of robots for grafting. My background is robotics in biotechnology.
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    Jewelmer - 2020 Philippines June and July

    Wow, very beautiful collection.
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    Blockchain authenticity of Pearls

    With cultured diamonds being introduced to the industry just recently, it will eventually have an impact on the cultured pearls that have been in the market since the 1920s. Unlike cultured diamond, every pearl is different, it comes from a living thing with a different DNA from the next...
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    Broken Bay Pearls on TV

    Which episode is this?
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    COVID Blessing to Pearl Production

    With COVID happening worldwide and the reduction of fishing, travel, and marine activities our seas are flourishing. It would be interesting to see the pearl production numbers for 2020, 2021, and 2022. Hopefully, there will be nicer color effects on the pearl. Just like the California...