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    RIP Mike Rivers

    Sharing in the sorrow. What a fabulous human! My heart aches for Ira and for all of you who were touched by his presence. Fortunately, he left us many happy memories. Hugs to all.
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    Pearl Science and Technology Garden

    That book is a total load of crap. :) I would word it more gently, but the years have hardened my attitude toward the author, a narcissist who fancied himself a journalist exposing the hidden underbelly of the pearl world. Nothing to see here, folks!
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    OMG, that fabulous hair! You're a perfect pearl model. :)
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    Identifying mom's pearls

    Wow, what a great idea! :)
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    Eugenie's Tiara

    Yes, sorry for not showing up. Pearl-Guide is not normally a quick in and out for me, like Facebook. I enjoy it much more when I have a lot of time. Today I am attempting my taxes and figuring out Medicare, so I'm not going to be on for long, but I truly miss the friendly interaction with our...
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    Eugenie's Tiara

    Pearlie Sue, I would wear that around my house in my jammies, or anything, just to be able to wear it. But you would need to have a mirror handy to really enjoy it while wearing. :)
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    Eugenie's Tiara

    I ran across this wonderful photo of Empress Eugenie's tiara. Apologies if this has already been posted. I'm treating myself to some Pearl Guide time. :)
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    Identifying mom's pearls

    She probably fell in love with that clasp and had her pearls redone with it. :)
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    Questions about vintage brooch on offer

    The appearance of this piece supports the supposition that the pearls are natural. I have a few dainty natural pearl pins and I have given the starburst type as gifts because the pearls are set more deeply and less likely to be dislodged. I wear this type of pin up high on my collar tips, upper...
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    parfaitelumiere natural pearl collection

    Love bird pearls. We need a closeup of the necklace! :)
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    Second chance pearls

    Good for you to own such a lovely treasure!
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    What Cathy said. You are beautiful. May you live a long, healthy and active life!
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    Linda's Lowly Beading Adventures

    Lovely. If I only had the time, I could copy it! Neck shot? :)
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    Found these in a jewellery box.

    They could benefit from a gentle cleaning. There are no knots at all, which isn't the norm for akoya pearls, and no variation in color. Uniform size is normal for akoyas. They usually have a few knots near the clasp. The pictures are great, but I'd love to see more closeups, especially if you...
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    who can tell me what kind of pearls i have?

    Exactly! Three cheers for both experts who share knowledge freely. :)
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    My pearls

    Charming skulls, especially the lighter, more delicate colors. (Never thought I would use charming and skulls in the same sentence!) You are ready for Halloween and beyond. The bracelets are terrific.
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    Acceptable level of inclusions in gem grade pearls

    Solsort, the size you chose is a classic that you will enjoy for many years. PSS means you'll feel the need to add some size variety, and of course, you'll need some other colors... This is how you become a collector! Even if you decide later that you like larger pearls, you'll need the...
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    South seas tin cup!

    Whoa, that's awesome! Gorgeous and versatile. My eyesight is going, though. I first looked, and for a split second, thought, wow, what a tan! LOL. That neck form is a work of art. If I had one like that, I would leave it out where I could see it and rotate my pearls.
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    Acceptable level of inclusions in gem grade pearls

    Pearls are organic, so there won't be a strand with every pearl 100% perfect, including gem grade. Even Hanadama pearls have small flaws, just fewer and less noticeable. However, I am with you on being disappointed. I have often been a little upset that I didn't get perfection, only to realize...
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    Another day, another great article! Men in Pearls edition.

    Oh yeah! I love the man pearls, or metro pearls. :)