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    10K Gold Pearl Earrings with another symbol?!

    I got these at a Thrift shop. they r marked 10K but also have another symbol either triangle or upside down triangle with something else inside. it's so small hard to see! any info would be awesome! no clue what the pearls r but they r very pretty! got like a rose gold luster to them! thx
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    Help Identify Vintage Pearl Bead?!

    Hey! Finally getting around to taking pictures! this necklace has white & off white colored pearls at bottom and then smaller pink stones or pearls of some kind?! they are gritty like pearls but i have no clue! Any help would be amazing! Thanks!
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    How Identify These Pearls in my Bracelet

    I got this Pearl Bracelet in an Estate Lot. Can anyone help me identify what kind of pearls they are? Thank you so much!!
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    Help Identify Vintage Pearl Bead?!

    Okay! I'll be home tomorrow and I'll post more pictures of them!! They are gritty just like a pearl and looking inside the hole they seems like flakey layers if that makes sense! lol Thank you everybody that has responded!! I've been helping a friend so I'm just getting time to check this now...
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    Help Identify Vintage Pearl Bead?!

    I found a few of these amazing looking vintage beads, I believe they are some kind of pearl & I also have some in a red that are very similar! I have no clue!