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  1. ericw

    New fireball... with cracks

    Good news, SydK! A crack which happens during shipping, it's possible.
  2. ericw

    New fireball... with cracks

    I agree Katbran, a big crack! Mother of pearl is unstuck from the bead, now. I can't understand the seller to send such a wrong item.
  3. ericw

    Scientific first used to confirm Age of Ana Maria Pearl

    Thank you for this interesting sharing, Bernadette. If the gem looks like an emerald, I am amazed to read the origin of the pearl. I didn't know spanish conquest found pearls in America.
  4. ericw

    Tahitians from Wen's

    Nice gems, Tamarinda, and these kinds of bails work so well with tahitian pearls!
  5. ericw

    Pearl Nacre - More than just beauty

    Reading the scientific article, we may see how nature still works well, better than humans!
  6. ericw

    Pearl Nacre - More than just beauty

    Very interesting, Bernadette, thank you. The article doesn't talk of the orientation and shape of crystals, and there kind of mineral specy, calcite or aragonite. Wait and see:)
  7. ericw

    Pearl and Gemstones

    Nice design which deserves these beautiful gems, Morella!!
  8. ericw

    Greenhills pearls

    "Many rivers of pearls..." Thank you, Heart, for the sharing of this nice show!
  9. ericw

    Abalone Pearl from New Zealand

    I agree 86Corvettegirl : the right shape to make so a beautiful jewel than this pearl is nice, awesome too!
  10. ericw

    Question regarding the metals in findings

    You are right, Katbran, this time is the one to have bad surprises! Recently I bought sunglasses. At the time I get out of the shop and open glasses to wear them... clac! one hinge breaks. Then, I see the hinges were made with Zamac, a cheap zinc alloy, not strong at all. The worst to be used in...
  11. ericw

    men and pearls

    Thank you Pattye and BWeaves! Sure I love to see people inspired by my work. Even men : a win!
  12. ericw

    men and pearls

    :)KarinK, this bracelet is truly a DIY work. A pearl and a piece of seal, and my best friend to make it. His usual job is dental technician. Maybe the best to look for?;)
  13. ericw

    men and pearls

    So kind you are, Cathykeshi and 2thdktr! In fact, this setting is not the greatest one between the beauties, but it's made according with the free taste of a man to wear a pearl, and how he does it. I think it's interesting to show that.
  14. ericw

    men and pearls

    Just I receive this photo. A friend of mine, and the owner of this pearl, had asked me to work it. The man is a great DIY enthusiast, so he has bought rubber seal, sold by meter, and kinds of connectors I didn't know, to make this setting (I see I am not the only one to have difficulties to...
  15. ericw

    abalone pearl?

    Not sure is it a real pearl, even a piece of shell? That looks like something enamelled, and maybe cracked during the firing. A bit weird to see such a nice wire work around.
  16. ericw

    Ombre strand from Cees

    Wow, Jesskat, beautiful jewel!!:eek::)
  17. ericw

    Natural Tahitians, or maybe dyed?

    Lugana, I carve pearls and I had carved many kinds of fine stones, more or less hard '(sapphire and ruby the harder I worked). Then, I polished these different materials with there right abrasive medium, especially al the diamond powder mesh squale, but also many other kinds of abrasive media...
  18. ericw

    Natural Tahitians, or maybe dyed?

    Mmmhh, polishing doesn't give more luster. A dull pearl is a dull pearl, even artificially polished. Maybe these pearls are not the very best ones about luster, but they truly look fine. I think just photos don't show them enough well.
  19. ericw

    Is there a prevalence of dyed Tahitians pearls?

    It would be interesting to know how definitively to make the difference between dyed pearls and not dyed... Some kinds of pearls, especially edison and tahitian pearls, often show different colours inside nacre than on the surface, but that only under a significant depth. True golden SSP seem to...
  20. ericw

    Is there a prevalence of dyed Tahitians pearls?

    My little experience allows me to think most of tahitian pearls are not dyed, after to have made a tour inside there nacre. I have not found dyed in any sizes and tones, even the only green one I have worked was not dyed. Chinese sellers show "hematite" pearls, metallic black, but then usually...