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    The Sustainability Corner 4

    This is wonderful! Nature is more resilient than most people realize. The revival of the Cortez pearls are to me an even greater achievement. I wish the farm all of the best. You asked if I am interested in Pearls? Yes very much so. I have a collection of 15 strands of pearls and in my...
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    Your thoughts on this Mikimoto piece please

    Very beautifully matched triple strand. With the paper work they should be very valuable. When restringing , remove all three strand from the clasp, but lie them flat exactly as they were on the clasp. Clean the clasp likeyou would anny silver. Start restringing by keeping each pearl in its...
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    Cultured (Beaded) Abalone Pearls from Chile

    Is this a pearl or just a chip of the shell rolled in the sea to become smooth on all sides?