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  1. juliebeth

    Should I Make a Rope Necklace or Will it Damage My Pearls?

    Gemandpearllover, that is just gorgeous! excellent re-use for both the pearls and that beautiful clasp!
  2. juliebeth

    Ruckus 2019

    Jeremy and Hisano, y'all DESERVE a wonderful vacation! i so much appreciate all you do for this community, and have adored each and every Ruckus i've been able to attend (even Ruckuses that i did not, but got to live vicariously through this forum!). THANK YOU and have a great 2019 anniversary!
  3. juliebeth

    "The KJM Collection" - Andrew's Mom's Pearls

    be still my heart that triple strand! and oh, those ts on the first page. well-done, Andrew!
  4. juliebeth

    365 Days of Pearls

    (oh good i wasn't the only one who had to sleep through the show and tell!)
  5. juliebeth

    GIA DNA Techniques Applied to the Identification of Pinctada Fucata Pearls from Uwaji

    The one fwp placed in a strand of naturals...casually indistinguishable from the rest. Used as a way to be able to identify your strand if they are stolen....example is Hisano’s double strand of naturals that Jeremy got her a few years back. Looks like soon one will be able to genetically ID...
  6. juliebeth

    GSS Strand

    oh now THAT'S a beautiful AND interesting strand! Love it!
  7. juliebeth

    GIA DNA Techniques Applied to the Identification of Pinctada Fucata Pearls from Uwaji

    The modern version of the "poison pearl"!
  8. juliebeth

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Red - suspending the Octo pendant from those Pipis is a brilliant move! i adore your traveling style, by the way. i didn't have near enough pearls on during my trip home. Charlotta - the button studs are so sweet AND beautiful!
  9. juliebeth

    Pearls & Mini Origamis! Stars cranes & flowers!!!

    these pieces are so fun AND so amazing! great job thinking and creating outside the box, Purranha!!
  10. juliebeth

    Cees rikitea strand finally made into a necklace.

    wow, those pearls! and that seahorse is just awesome - excellent combination. :)
  11. juliebeth

    ??Sea of Cortez Pearls??

    oh WOW!! what a pendant!!
  12. juliebeth

    Cees and South Sea Pearl Ring

    oh what beautiful rings! and i bet they're SO much fun to wear! i'd make sure to wear one on each hand to at least one event or another...
  13. juliebeth

    New project: pearl, tourmaline n ametyst earrings.

    what a great set of stones and pearls - and i love your drawing! this is going to be a beautiful project!!
  14. juliebeth

    New goodies from mother's day sales

    oh those BLUES! so beautiful! lovely collection. :)
  15. juliebeth

    Gold Diamond Cut Beads

    i am so happy this thread exists. Thanks for finding those beads, Amti! i may get a few to play with... also, Kay your rope! LOVE and second the request for a neck shot. :)
  16. juliebeth

    small project

    just lovely, Linda!
  17. juliebeth

    I am a convert

    i love it!!
  18. juliebeth

    I am a convert

    congrats, and welcome to the cult, er, i mean club! :) gorgeous strand, too.
  19. juliebeth

    100 Inch Rope Challenge!!

    sunseeker! that is just wonderful! great knotting job, beautiful ombre! standing ovation from texas! :)
  20. juliebeth

    365 Days of Pearls

    PURPLE! just gorgeous - the SSP are the perfect complement!