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  1. sinju

    Help on Writing an SSP article :)

    Here are the questions: - What interests you about SSP? How about when compared to other types of pearls? SSP is favorite for jewelry, Natural Pearl will never can compare - If you already have pearls (SSP or not), what would make you consider buying some SSP? always want bigger and bigger...
  2. sinju

    From Joseph Taylor of Atlas South Sea Pearls - 3000 Hands

    Really nice video, I hear sounds of Indonesian.. happy
  3. sinju

    Phots of my new Gift - Golden South Sea Pearl Necklace

    for color threat you should know more about real south sea pearl, i can not give argument base on photo even we can do that but not nice i think to do that. deep gold, i am not sure it is. for me it is quite expensive since the size is small. you can find also nice fresh water pearl but not...
  4. sinju

    Basidiomycota perlus or the strange mushroom pearl

    do yo uhave the shell for this pearl ?
  5. sinju

    SS baroque and semi-baroque

    Hi Elen, some of us hear maybe can explain about it, but i think better you lean from photo
  6. sinju

    Cassis? South Sea. Help, not sure what this is. Thank You

    Hi All thanks for your help Please all make attention ... just say for 10mm pearl will weight 1.8grams ...... Just say this wight is for Lucia , the owner of the Ring, to make Lucia Happy and can sell in good price. thanks for your help Linda. i do not know why you are so busy with 10mm 1.8...
  7. sinju

    Nautilus blister pearl

    Hi dave can you look at this link thanks a lot
  8. sinju

    my pearls

    Hi Maha, from which shell you got those pearls, that is new fro me,..
  9. sinju

    New Akoya Mother Oyster Specie Innovated.

    waw, do you have other info like photo or link ?
  10. sinju

    Family Estate Pearls, Any Ideas?

    give the size for your pearls and take photo of the dirty part from the pearl
  11. sinju

    Chinese method of stringing keshi seed pearls so that the twisted rope doesn't unwind

    pearl comes to Hongkong before take to china, and there is some big auction help in hongkong, like what jeremy said mainly just wholesale
  12. sinju

    Need help to identify pearls

    Hi EM, give also the size so many Necklace posted in this forum that said " from my grandmother ...
  13. sinju

    Worst Article On Pearls Ever And Guess Where It Is

    i have show one person burn pearl made from shell, and it does not burn too, for normal people they will love that method, but for some people that familiar with pearl they more trust their eyes and finger
  14. sinju

    Goldens: SS and Akoya

    Hi Naria, from the size it is different too, the oyster (shell) of Akoya and South Sea is different, south sea is bigger.
  15. sinju

    My First Abalone Pearl

    may i know the price of yours and where you buy ?
  16. sinju

    Fake pearls, "Real" Pearls... a novice's approach to eBay

    nice advice, since ebay is the best source to find any cheap, good product, must be many bad person that will get benefit from it.
  17. sinju

    My own mystery pearls!

    Hi, nice post. i have also one like yours, since i would like to know and learn about china pearl, i am 100% sure that yours and mine is fake, in my opinion this pearl is Synthetic in china they have also pearl that made from shell, if you see on ebay there are very beautiful, i have some in my...
  18. sinju

    Help with this pin please!

    your pearl more like freshwater pearl, Your pearl is beautiful, the luster is good, what size the pearl you think ?
  19. sinju

    3 Strands

    I think you are right Wendy, in Indonesia in Bali Island there are some expert that make this pearl, they call it cuttingan, something that is cut. i think what flower has is old system of dyed. now the improve better. by the way, any one hear that know about gama (gamma) ?
  20. sinju

    3 Strands

    Hi flower, i am not 100% sure that the black one is Tahitian