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    Can a mabe pearl be solid?

    Thank you so much for that information!!! Its much appreciated!! And yes this shell and others were tossed aside in a pile, many smashed open with blunt force. My only guess was that someone took more than the legal limit (based on how many there were) and quickly pulled the meat out leaving the...
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    Can a mabe pearl be solid?

    Are mabe pearl always hollow or can they be solid if the abalone is old enough?? I have a unique abalone pearl that I found. Someone must have cracked it open and discarded the shell as parts of it were broken off already. But the pearl appears to be solid and was carefully (and not too hard to)...
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    Appraisals in bay area?

    Hello, I was wondering if there is anyone in the bay area that would be able to provide an appraisal for this unique abalone pearl that I have? Thank you!!! Kim