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    Found my late grandmothers hidden pearls in an old jewelry box

    Many grandmother’s pearls (including mine) were faux as well. It was much more common in the 1950’s and 60’s. Although yours look like fwp.
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    Lustrous pearl mail received—are they akoyas or freshwater?

    No, these look more like modern Chinese fwp than vintage.
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    Oh that must have been so upsetting! But wonderful news that PP was so helpful and that you got a stunning ring in the end. I have been eyeing the new lux launch. Lots of gorgeous pieces there too!
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    Climate change and pearl prices

    I've been thinking about this. Provided that warmer temperatures and less acidic ocean waters don't harm the oysters (which it very well might), don't oysters produce nacre faster in warmer waters? This might mean that larger pearls with thicker nacre might be able to be produced more quickly...
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    I should have thought to check my junk mail. That’s where they are. Doh!
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    How do I get back on the VIP launch email list? I seem to have been bumped off somehow.
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    Oh shoot. I didn’t get the email.
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    I'm too slow. I seem to be getting the launch emails (but not the preview ones, if they exist). Time before last, by the time I quickly scrolled through all of the offerings to see what was there, they are all gone. And the last time everything was gone by the time I clicked on the link...
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    overwhelmed - what size dangle earrings and will Hanadama be worth the cost increase

    I'd just say that the earring that is photoshopped onto the model's ear has been made to look MUCH larger than a typical (8 mm) akoya pearl would be, so you may want to take a look at actual pearls (in person) to decide what size would be a good scale for you. We all have different sized...
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    GSS set, aka, "There's no such thing as a free lunch":

    Whoa! Those are spectacular! And gorgeous on you! Those earrings are almost rose gold they are so dark, and the whole set just glows against your skin. Can't wait to see them often in glamor shots once you get them back with the toggle clasp.
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    Is it Normal For White FW Pearls to Darken a Bit With Wear?

    I was going to say that I have seen imitation pearls go yellow, not real ones. The plastic darkens and eventually looks more like cream/tan colored beads than pearls.
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    I find that seeing a piece on a real person gives me a sense of scale. Ideally, I'd love to see it on a normal sized person and not a model (mainly because models are often so tiny that what looks huge on them looks much smaller on a more moderately sized person), and under natural light, not...
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    Thanks. The link didn't pop up for me. And then I refreshed the page and it was there. It's not a big deal - I'm only looking not buying.
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    Graduated freshwater pearl necklace?

    American Pearl sells some. Both single and double strands in all different sizes.
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    Share your Pearl Paradise Private Launch Purchases!

    I can’t see where you click...
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Corvette girl, are those from Cees? I haven’t seen earrings like that before.
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    Can you recommend Montreal pearl dealers?

    I’d go to the original Maison Birks just to see it (high end family owned jewelry store) but I don’t know of any pearl wholesalers in Montreal.
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    October Tahitians

    If you call PP and let them know which strand you wanted, they might be willing to let you know if it comes back and is available again. In previous sales there have been some *spectacular* strands that for whatever reason just didn't suit the first person who bought them (and a lucky person...
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    My Tahitians

    I’ve always thought the Galatea pearls with the turquoise colored centers were beautiful. I like that yours is simple and elegant. You have a beautifully curated collection.
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    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    For some reason I didn’t realize that Fiji pearls came that big or in rounds until this thread. Silly me. Those are both stunning necklaces 86Corvette. I’m looking forward to neck shots once you have use of your arm back! Bweaves, I’m always in awe of your creations. Your shawl is beautiful.