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  1. Little h

    little h collection now at TWIST

    Oh my gosh Pattye! You know about Twist? I was working very hard to fulfill their order before Ruckus! The owners are lovely and insightful couple and they are truly wonderful to work with. I am so so honored to be in their lovely store!!! Thank you for posting! Thank you GemGeek and Marianne :o
  2. Little h

    Little h in Robb Report

    Thank you everyone! It was an amazing experience to meet with the two jewelry editors at Robb Report. I wouldn't have made this far without Jeremy's love and support for my creativity... and PP's pearls ;)
  3. Little h

    Please vote for Hisano!!!

    Thank you so much everyone! I'm very lucky to play and design with beautiful pearls everyday:o The InStore magazine is an industry magazine but will be online for the June issue.
  4. Little h

    Please vote for Hisano!!!

    Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for voting for little h. I am very happy and honored to announce that I've won 5 awards from this InDesign Competition. I won first place in Diamonds category with my blue diamond trio ring. I also won first, second and third in the Pearl Category! Because of my...
  5. Little h

    Who is attending the Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2016, July 29, 30, 31???

    We are now three weeks away from Ruckus weekend! Jeremy and I are finalizing our menu options with the caterer. At this time, please email me the following info: 1. Your full name along with your PG name 2. Your guest’s full name 3. Cell phone number 4. Food allergies...
  6. Little h

    Tucson Gem and Mineral Show Feb2016

    Caitlin's lovely ensemble of pearls and a tiny mouse!
  7. Little h

    Tucson Pearl Dinner - Who is going??? Respond Quickly

    Sarah and Mounir, Caitlin's family! Reggie, Kether, Zoe and Frank
  8. Little h

    Tucson Pearl Dinner - Who is going??? Respond Quickly

    Douglas, Jo Ellen, Blaire and Jeremy
  9. Little h

    Tucson Pearl Dinner - Who is going??? Respond Quickly

    Thank you all for coming! Judi please post a pic with you in it too!! Enrique and Douglas
  10. Little h

    little h Wins AGTA Spectrum Award for Savor Silver!

    Thank you everyone! The cufflinks finally came back from AGTA last month and Jeremy was able to wear them for the first time on our vacation:cool:
  11. Little h

    Pearl-Guide Ruckus 2015

    Hi Ruckus friends, I just sent an invitation letter and directions to the mansion. Please let me know via email if you are coming to the event and didn't receive the email. Jeremy and I are looking forward to see you all!
  12. Little h

    Who is going to the June Hong Kong Fair?

    It was nice to see you Cees! Thank you for the amazing "giant pearls" apron;)