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  1. knotty panda

    Barbara Bush Turns 90: Her Secret to Aging Gracefully? Pearls

    By Tierney McAfee and Tara Fowler Barbara Bush shared the secret to aging gracefully in an interview with granddaughter Jenna Bush Hager on the Today show. "You're known for your pearls," Jenna remarked to Barbara, who turns 90 on Monday. "The pearls are to cover the wrinkles, which they no...
  2. knotty panda

    Freshwater cultured versus saltwater cultured pearls

    Freshwaters don't seem to maintain their luster the way Akoyas do. Depending on your clientele, they may only respond to the name Akoya. Lots to think about.
  3. knotty panda

    Help, Who knows what these are?

    GemGeek had my thoughts, precisely. The clasp may or may not be original. Inasmuch as there is no way to test for Biwas, is there a way to differentiate between Scottish, Mississippi River, or any other FW pearl variety? I particularly love Nora's strand with the keishi stations. Coming from...
  4. knotty panda

    How to re-set a pearl?

    Now isn't that pretty. Good luck!
  5. knotty panda

    Pearls displayed in a museum

    Thanks for the comment! I always feel so sorry for those royal jewels housed in a light box so everyone can see them, but they are choking on the dry air. I also thought this would be an interesting topic that hadn't been explored on the forum. Hope you are well!
  6. knotty panda

    Pearls displayed in a museum

    Hi, Wendy. Good to see you. Ash, it was just a question. Don't read anything into it.
  7. knotty panda

    Pearls displayed in a museum

    What are the rules for displaying pearls in a museum or jeweler's window? A lighted display box would be the best way to view the pearls, but is it best for the pearls themselves? What safeguards should be in place to protect the pearls? how long can they safely be displayed? does constant...
  8. knotty panda


    I just love that design. I have some beaded Hopi pieces strung similarly called a "daisy chain." I'm a hopeless romantic. Wear them in good health.
  9. knotty panda

    Chinese method of stringing keshi seed pearls so that the twisted rope doesn't unwind

    The word you are looking for is "torsade." It's not ancient Chinese. It can be done easily by anyone who strings pearls. Torsades are generally not knotted, just strung.
  10. knotty panda

    Your first pearls - when and how?

    So lovely, Nora!
  11. knotty panda

    Finally! A JPEA "GOLD" tag that means something!

    I was under the impression the problem with the blue tag is it represented to the consumer that the pearls were of Japanese origin, when in fact, they could be Chinese as well. Is the introduction of the label at the "China International Gold, Jewellery & Gem Fair in November" a separate label...
  12. knotty panda

    "Souffle' Pearls"

    After I read the nucleating description on Sarah's website, I thought souffle was appropo. Tell me what Tosheroon is?
  13. knotty panda

    Gudebrod - Silk Thread

    Knotty who? Not Knotty me! has lots of spools of silk that show available. If they're having a shortage, I don't know of it. I think natural fiber blends knot nicely especially if you're not a glue person.
  14. knotty panda

    27mm Kamoka Tahitian Pearl!!!!!!!!!!

    I believe this is the bestest, goodest, fortune to come to Josh and I am SO PLEASED! But before you sell it to Daddy Warbucks, make sure you plan a round-the-world trip and show it to each and every one of us personally. We promise not to drool! (Ok, that's a lie. We will drool, but we will...
  15. knotty panda

    Are these Akoya's?

    Do you feel duped? I wouldn't. Nice price for a nice size of pretty, everyday pearls. Definitely in the wholesale range for akoyas. The average joe will never scrutinize them to know the difference in grade. I think you did a fine job!
  16. knotty panda

    My experience with Power Pro

    Pearllunar? She's back? I haven't been able to find her in a while.
  17. knotty panda

    Heading To Guaymas!

    Douglas, you live in paradise! Talk about translating, I got one of these for school about a year ago, but I've found it invaluable for other things in daily life as well. It has a translator. Just write the word in English, tap on the word, and it will say the word in whatever language you...
  18. knotty panda

    My experience with Power Pro

    I'm referring to spiderline, a competition kite line which is no longer manufactured. I got it literally twenty years ago to fly kites with no interest in beading. I used to think PowerPro was similar to it until I actually saw PowerPro. They are nothing alike.
  19. knotty panda

    My experience with Power Pro

    Fireline is the closest thing I have found to my kiteline (called spider line) no color, no drag, no cutting into the pearls or hands.