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  1. Jwymark

    Where to buy in the UK?

    Pixie moon is a uk based company. I’m sure if you inbox them on Facebook they could source what you are looking for. They sell good quality at reasonable prices.
  2. Jwymark

    Vacuum packed oyster opening parties on Facebook

    If a pearl party is really what you want to do. I would suggest avoiding oysters altogether. Buy loose pearls. To keep the surprise you can put them into little boxes or something similar. If you choose to go into the pearl party business, please choose to be honest about your products. It may...
  3. Jwymark

    "Pearl parties"

    Mountaingirl there is a post in pearling industry news about pearl party oysters. I would seriously suggest that you read it before you try to source these pearl in the shell oysters.
  4. Jwymark

    Help! Newbie Travelling to Manila

    I totally recommend taking this course. I have completed it and it's really good.
  5. Jwymark

    Passed down from my Grandmother

    I agree with Pearl Dreams. Looks like a Tahitian pearl to me. It would make a lovely pendant.
  6. Jwymark

    Southsea Pearl vs Edison Pearls

    Ahh I get the joke now :) I had figured it was probably a joke.
  7. Jwymark

    365 Days of Pearls

    So many beautiful pearls in this thread!
  8. Jwymark

    Southsea Pearl vs Edison Pearls

    Nope. Still don't get it. Never mind. lol.
  9. Jwymark

    Southsea Pearl vs Edison Pearls

    I'm about to too lol.
  10. Jwymark

    Southsea Pearl vs Edison Pearls

    Don't worry Eric I didn't understand that either. I'm assuming it was supposed to be a joke? Possibly?
  11. Jwymark

    Wish list

    Oh! My! God! Now those are gorgeous! All I need to do now is win the lottery and they can be mine. lol.
  12. Jwymark

    see a Natural Freshwater “Fish” PEARL in Gems & Gemology fall 2017

    It's remarkable how much like a fish that pearl looks. I showed the image to my Uncle, who's favorite pastime is fishing, he thought it was pretty cool too.
  13. Jwymark

    Paying for jewellery setting using paypal

    While Pearlescence is correct in the fact that these laws do exist. Not all online sellers abide by them. If you get an unscrupulous seller and you have not used either paypal, credit card or something with good buyer protection like these, then getting your money back can be difficult. You may...
  14. Jwymark

    Are Pearl Party Oysters Dangerous? A UK investigation.

    The idea of putting loose pearls into boxes, or something similar, has been suggested in the past. It was often met with a hostile responses. Maybe now that the truth is out about the oysters these party hosts may be more receptive to alternatives.
  15. Jwymark

    Paying for jewellery setting using paypal

    Yes, definitely. A credit card is always good for added protection.
  16. Jwymark

    Paying for jewellery setting using paypal

    I wouldn’t advise using bank transfer. It is quite difficult to get your money back if the seller/service provider refuses a refund. You can do a chargeback but it’s not always successful. Then that leaves you to pursue the matter in civil court. Stick with PayPal goods and services. Not all...
  17. Jwymark

    SSP keshi from Cees!

    Those pearls are gorgeous. Make sure you post pictures of what you make with them. I can't wait to see.
  18. Jwymark

    The Fiji Pearl Development Plan

    That was a very interesting article. Thank you for sharing it. I really hope this works out for them it could benefit so many.
  19. Jwymark

    Keshi South Sea Pearls from Cees

    How lucky are you... go shopping for pearls for cufflinks... come home with GSS earrings!! We need to see these too. Those cufflinks are great by the way :)
  20. Jwymark

    My cheapo WSS bracelet.

    I can't wait to see what you make with them. Also when your fairy godmother is done turning your husband into Richard Branson ask her to send some of that money magic this way ;)