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  1. Josh

    Show Us Your Pearls In Action!!!

    Thanks Cathy for posting! So glad the fit was on target. :)
  2. Josh

    Ebay Tahitans, and how I think I actually got real ones

    Aww, thanks you guys. :D
  3. Josh

    Ebay Tahitans, and how I think I actually got real ones

    The person that started this thread was being completely honest as far as I can tell. She said she bought Tahitans for $30 a strand. There's no way she got Tahitians for $30, but Tahitans on the other hand... Sounds like a fair price to me! :D
  4. Josh

    Show us your Tahitians

    Thank YOU Nora for your support and for posting these pics! The ring setting is really unique and goes amazingly with the pearl. Great photos you took as well! The nacre one is really cool. :D
  5. Josh

    A real pearler

    What a great story about James Brown. Having also started pearling at 21 and having "rode the wave of pearling from its dizzy heights to the low it is in now," I could relate more than a little to the article. I can't help but wonder if Pearl-Guide has ever been on his radar?
  6. Josh

    Tahiti pearl Consortium

    I agree Caitlin, it is quite the dramatic saga. Maina Sage is an intelligent, well-intentioned person so when I hear her say that the project isn't part of a broader strategy and changes from week to week, I can't help but think that it is doomed from the start. Caitlin, as for the farmers...
  7. Josh

    A Kamoka Pearl for only $10? - Maybe....

    That's right, it's time to take it back! I admit that last year when the "interloper" won it, we were disappointed that it was claimed by someone outside the pearly family. There are lots of other great prizes though. We'll be hoping to get the GoPro3 video camera. There are probably more...
  8. Josh

    Tahiti pearl Consortium

    Interesting stuff. My immediate thought is that if the "professionals" are opposed, it is worth trying out. The professionals are mostly local pearl buyers who have their share of blame in holding the heads of pearl producers under water with starvation prices. The other side is that the...
  9. Josh

    The Pearl

    Thanks Kat! :)
  10. Josh

    The Pearl

    Thanks Marianne. :D They are pretty much my favorite ocean critter so yeah, it was a pretty exciting moment. It's the simple things right?
  11. Josh

    The Pearl

    Thanks Sheri!
  12. Josh

    Natural Pinctada Maximal pearl how much could it be worth ?

    My first reaction was "no way" but now that I've gone back and looked at it a couple times, the "baroqueness" of it is pretty intriguing. Conchas I hope you do have it certified. At the very least, take it to your dentist for an x-ray!
  13. Josh

    The Pearl

    Thanks Art, feedback appreciated! Sorry it wasn't more obvious. The blogging template I have is not the best and I'm going to change it out soon. If you click on "Go back to the blog" at the bottom it will get you there or you could just click here. Scroll down under the more recent post...
  14. Josh

    Tahitian blemish advice...

    If those Tahitians are legitimately exported which I assume they are, they have around a full millimeter of nacre on the nucleus. That's really thick, especially when compared with Japanese Akoyas. Blemishes are normal in most Tahitian pearls. It looks to me like you have some really...
  15. Josh

    The Pearl

    Thanks you two. The positive feedback is much appreciated. I've got a lot of those stories kicking around in my head. It's time consuming pulling them out, but I enjoy it and will keep at it if there are eyeballs reading! :)
  16. Josh

    The Pearl

    Thanks Lisa for your comment about editing. An editor friend of mine poked at me for one of the lines in there so I went back and made some edits. I guess you need to practice the writing muscle to make it stronger. :)
  17. Josh


    Well said Wiwi, choosing jewellery is a personal thing indeed. Thanks for a worthwhile thread!
  18. Josh

    Mana leather bracelet from Kamoka

    Great photos Olga! Thanks for sharing! :D
  19. Josh


    Wendy, I haven't seen those big nuc'd freshies that you speak of but I believe you 100% when you say that they can easily be mistaken for SS's. I've had just that experience with fwp and some Tahitian keshis. Caitlin, all the way home LOL. :D
  20. Josh

    Tahitian Pearl Colors....

    Color bands always seem to pinch the pearl ever so slightly or is it the other way around??? Either way, they definitely have more variety of color. The physical banding for sure comes with a stronger tendency for color.